“He’d NEVER return to Royal duties’: King Charles Betrays Prince Andrew, Disgraced Duke of York’s Connection to Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Forces Him Out of Royal Family

Just days before the Queen died, Prince Andrew and King Charles III had a secret meeting where the Duke of York was reportedly blindsided when he learned he would never be able to return to public life. Still, his closest advisors said they would find a way for him to return. Upon hearing that he would never be able to return to royal duties, King Charles told him to accept it.

Prince Charles III
King Charles III

After learning that he would not be welcomed back to royal duties by his brother, King Charles III, the Duke of York was left “utterly bereft.” Despite this, his association with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, the Duke of York, always believed there was a way back to his former role and thought he could still be valuable to the Royal Family.

In the wake of the s*x scandal earlier this year, Prince Andrew stepped down from royal duties, and Queen stripped him of his military affiliations and patronage.

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King Charles III Deceived Prince Andrew

During the disgraced Prince Andrew’s face-to-face meeting with his brother King Charles III, he was “totally blindsided” when he was told his role in public life was over, according to reports. It is also reported that the Duke of York feels misled by his relatives and struggles to accept this outcome. Upon hearing that he would not be allowed to wear a military uniform at the Queen’s funeral, he shed tears once again. Rumour has it that he still thinks he can add value to the monarchy.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew

A source said to a media outlet that the discussions between King Charles III and Prince Andrew were “emotional and fraught” and said, “He came out of the meeting shaken. He is still in shock. He is completely lost and very depressed.”

The source said,

“Andrew was blindsided. He is utterly bereft. He always believed there was a way back.
“Andrew was extremely close to the Queen and tried to raise the issue of his return to public life many times with her.
“On some occasions, she would say mildly conciliatory things, but most of the time, she would change the subject immediately.
“Naive as it may sound, he always had hopes of regaining his position as a senior royal,’ continued the source.
“At the meeting, Charles told him that he can go off and have a good life, a remarkable life, but that his public life as a Royal is at an end.
“He was told, ”You have to accept this.”

As a result of his multi-million-pound payout to s*x abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre who claimed he had s*x with her when she was 17, he was stripped of all patronages and military titles. Moreover, he was criticized for failing to carry out charity work since pledging to make amends. In February, he paid millions of pounds to Ms. Giuffre, 39, and donated to her charity fighting s*x trafficking.

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Prince Andrew’s Connection To Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein 

King Charles and Prince Andrew
King Charles and Prince Andrew

The aides promised to “get him [Prince Andrew] back to work” despite his links with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein was charged in 2019 with one count of s*x trafficking of a minor and one count of conspiracy to commit s*x trafficking. Epstein pleaded not guilty to the crimes but was denied bail and later found dead in his Manhattan jail cell.

Despite Epstein’s death, the high-profile social circle he belonged to has continued to make headlines. In addition to politicians from both parties, Epstein was also associated with royalty. At one time, Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth, had close ties with Epstein.

The relationship between Epstein and Prince Andrew is little known, but in August 2021, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an alleged Epstein victim, sued the prince. As a result of the case, Buckingham Palace announced in January 2022 that Prince Andrew’s military titles and patronages had been returned to the Queen. His relationship with Epstein forced him to leave his royal duties.

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Source: The Sun

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