‘Help Up Spread The Word’: Shark Tank Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Cheap Pharmacy Wants To Beat Obamacare

Mark Cuban’s excellent track record in the business world names him one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Recently, Cuban entered the medical field when he launched his own online pharmacy called Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company using a strategy of offering lower-priced prescription drugs. According to a new report published by researchers, Medicare could save upward of $3.6 billion per year if it purchased drugs through Cuban pharmacies. Is he intentionally willing to challenge the Affordable Care Act of the country (Obamacare)?

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Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

The researchers at Annals of Internal Medicine echoed that:

If Medicare purchased generic drugs in the maximum quantity supplied by [MCCPDC], it could have saved $3.6 billion on 77 of 89 generic drugs.

Mark Cuban’s Medical Line Could Bypass The Existing Markups Like Obamacare

In a press release, the company announced it can provide savings to customers by registering as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, offering services such as ambulatory dispensing management, home delivery of medications and clinical supplies, plus revenue cycle management. In a tweet, Cuban said the company is “completely reliant on word of mouth” and isn’t interested in advertising because it doesn’t have to. “All help is welcome from everyone and anyone,” he wrote in his post.

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Business tycoon Mark Cuban
Business tycoon Mark Cuban

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When Democrats Tried To Reform The Medical And Healthcare Scenario Of America

Politicians have attempted to reform healthcare for almost 50 years, yet to no avail. Considering the nature of American politics, it’s only natural that this debate has remained deadlocked for so long. However, few politicians would agree that the current system is at fault. An increasing number of people believe the American healthcare system is broken and costing too much money while providing poor care results. Former President Barack Obama did get an alternative called Obamacare into place but as a compromise solution to the growing problem, not identifying any fundamental flaws in the original plan or ways to correct them.

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Mark Cuban to reform the healthcare industry in America
Mark Cuban to reform the healthcare industry in America

With that being said, recently, the company announced plans to build a pharmaceutical factory in Dallas. The company also said it will provide free medication at this factory. According to the press release made earlier in January, they are well on their way to making medicine affordable for all.

Source: PEOPLE

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