Henry Cavill Rumored To Make Appearance in SDCC 2022 To Reveal Future Superman Project

It’s been two years without an in-person comic con because of the ongoing pandemic. The annual nerd fest will kick off this Thursday in San Diego and there are a hell lot of rumors coming in. And, if they are true, well let’s just they say are true and get excited about it for the time being.

Its been a tough two years without meeting fellow nerds in person and things are looking up for us.

The annual Comic-Con at San Diego
The San Diego Comic-Con

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Rumors surrounding Henry Cavill and future Superman Projects

It’s been going a lot around that Henry Cavill is gonna show at SDCC to talk up more Superman and reveal some future projects for us.

Yes, I know we haven’t had Cavill in the Superman role since Justice League: Snyder Cut but it’s been rumored that DCEU is in talks for a contract. There have been some arguments about him not continuing with his role because of discussions between Warner Bros Studio and his representatives previously.  The new Flash movie is set to release next year and everyone is hoping to see Cavill’s Superman in it.

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Henry Cavill as Superman in Justice League
Henry Cavill in Justice League

Cavill did not return for even his cameo the role in Shazam movie due to unknown reasons. So, Hadley had to step in his shoes, literally and gave his best Henry Cavill impersonation.

Superman's Cameo Scene in Shahzam played by Handley
Superman’s Cameo Scene in Shazam

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Fans React to Henry Cavill Returning as Superman Rumors

Fans can not be more excited about it and their excitement shows:

Previously there was news that Warner Bros did not renew Cavill’s contract because of budget problems. Fans are saying just give him a blank cheque already.


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The Comic-Con starts Thursday and there is a lot of hype for it. There might be sneak peeks of Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. There will also be Dwayne Johnson and Warner Bros Theatrical Session among many other things. These are going to be an exciting 4 days.

Source: Deadline 

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