Henry Cavill States He Still Prefers Playing Superman, Wants Man Of Steel Follow-Up

If Henry Cavill has pointed his way, he will remain to play Superman on the big screen. It means we will finally get a follow up to 2013’s Guy of Steel. This originates from a fan that came across Cavill at San Diego Comic-Con. Cavill went to the occasion to promote The Witcher. Roger Roecken has shared on Twitter that Cavill wishes to stick around with DC Comics films.

Encounter with Henry Cavill

Encounter with Henry Cavill

“I still can not believe I encountered Henry Cavill.” Roecken said in a tweet with an image of himself and Cavill. “He chatted about Superman and video games with me for a very long time.” If Roecken’s reactions are to be believed, Cavill did have an excellent little bit to say regarding Superman. There is no word on which video games he talked about. (one could speculate it was Witcher associated).

Take a look at the tweet from Roecken below, verifying first that he did meet Cavill.

Cavill wishes to continue his role

Cavill wishes to continue his role

” He claimed he still intends to play Superman.” Roecken stated. “Wants a sequel to Man of Steel. Wants to discover just how it impacts a person with absolute power, so many stories to inform what makes him tick.”

Henry Cavill’s Superman Appearances

Henry Cavill appeared as Superman in Man of Steel. (2013) He later reprised his role in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and then in Justice League. Warner Brothers appear to have little passion in moving forward with a Superman flick. They did not consider Christopher McQuarrie’s idea with Cavill. 

Watch the trailer for Man of Steel here:


Source: Comicbook, Cinema Blend

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