Henry Cavill Would Love To Star in a Red Dead Redemption 2 Adaptation

While appearing in the red carpet premiere for the second season of The Witcher, star Henry Cavill revealed one more adaptation that he might be interested in: Red Dead Redemption 2! Talking to Game Reactor, the Superman actor was asked what video game would he like to see turned into a Netflix film or series starring himself. After thinking over the question, Henry Cavill revealed that he recently started playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and he seemed quite excited about adapting the title from Rockstar Games. However, he chose his words carefully, but it seems a lot of other Red Dead Redemption fans will not mind seeing it come to life!

The Witcher
Henry Cavill in The Witcher

“Hmmm… aww, that’s a very good one,” Cavill told Game Reactor. “Well, that’s a tricky one, ’cause you’re tying both an IP and a company together, which is a tricky thing to do, so I certainly don’t want to put myself in any corners with that, but there are plenty of games out there… I’ve actually started playing Red Dead Redemption 2 — I know I’m a little bit late to that party — but I started playing it and I’m really enjoying it. And so, something like that I think would be fun to turn into a movie.”

Henry Cavill’s reference about being “late to the party” is actually a reference to the fact that Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018. However, there is never a bad time to play a good game, and Cavill can not really be blamed, considering how the actor has been super busy over the past few years. Despite his hectic schedule, Henry Cavill is a huge fan of video games, including Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, and The Witcher, of course.

Henry Cavill Could Be The Right Choice For A Red Dead Redemption Adaptation

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

It’s impossible to say if a Red Dead Redemption adaptation will never take place, but video game TV shows and movies are having a bit of a renaissance right now. Hollywood is putting a lot of care into making adaptations more faithful to the games that inspired them, and the results of this tactic are paying off for the producers in a massive way. If Red Dead Redemption gets its opportunity, Cavill might be the right actor to bring the game to life.

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