Here is How Joker Plans To Destroy Batman and Catwoman’s Wedding!

One of the biggest event of the comic universe is about to happen in July. The wedding of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, the wedding of Batman and Catwoman. And we don’t except the Clown Prince of Gotham to just sit through this.

Writer Tom King had promised the audience the Clown Prince will bring on his mischief once he heard the news of the big day.

And he heard it. And it was followed by DC Nation#0. Joker sabotaged a house in Gotham City and waits for an invitation along with the house owner. Once he gets it, he sets off to search for the perfect wedding gift for the duo.

And in Batman#48, he finally unfolds his present. Hint:- Its a six letter word, starting with “M” and ending with “R” with U,R,D,E in between.

The art shown below of Joker smashing the chess board of the entire Batman family is kind of really worrying the fans. Hats off to Mikel Janin for it.
Also, DC has started to reveal that all the members of Bat family will be facing villains in standalone comics.
Like Damian Wayne went face to face with Ra’s Al Ghul in the first Prelude to the Wedding.

Anyways here are the preview pages from the latest issue:

And at this point, we are just awestruck by the sight of Joker humming the famous theme song to the 1960’s Batman. This scene has got the viewers terrified. However, this preview doesn’t answer why the Joker chose this wedding to destroy. We just know that “The Best Man” is not going to be as innocent as it sounds.

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