Here is How Loki Could Return To a Bigger Role in THOR 4

Fans have been mourning over the death of Loki in Avengers: Infinity War, but should we expect him to return in Thor 4? The reason to assume this is that in his last film, Loki did use the last words to tell Thanos that laws of death do not apply to him leaving us a hint that he might return.

Therefore, even if Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi have time to decide as to where the next film will take place after The Avengers War, we cannot be sure that Loki will not or cannot be a part of it. Also, in the present situation of  Loki’s world, there is much chance of watching Loki become a more powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Precisely speaking, this is only our assumption on the perfect way Marvel could return Loki to the MCU without diminishing his death, or “undoing” it in any way.

It is obviously a good news that the creators of Thor 4 do not exactly have to undo, reverse or retcon the scene of death to keep away Loki’s story from being finished. This is because every fan knows that for legends like Thor and Loki, death is only a beginning to their new phase of life. Moreover, fans will be happier to know that Loki will have a more glorious life in the film to come.

After embracing his family and other people, Loki’s death in Infinity War becomes more tragic. In Thor: Ragnarok he chose heroism over self-centredness… and that alone may have earned him a place in Valhalla.

Because Norse’s concept of an afterlife is not very clear, Marvel would have a lot of flexibility when it comes to Thor, Loki, and the Asgardians. In Thor: The Dark World, the soul of Frigga rose into the stars as golden stardust. Not the everyday Asgardian guards… or Heimdall, or Loki, or any others. Marvel films have always showcased different rules for different people in matters of death.

Where would the Thor movies, or Thor himself go from there? No one knows. However, it would only authorize Taika Waititi to create Thor 4, he may have wanted to before Marvel turned his promising ending into rubbish.

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