Here is How Robert Pattinson Might Look As the New Batman

Our curiosity levels are at its peak. How will Rober Pattinson look like in the new Batman movie? We can’t just wait to see the charming Pattinson in the Batsuit. However, the crew hasn’t given a clue on the superhero’s new avatar and we fans are getting way too anxious.  But here something that might help us relax just a bit. Or might add to the curiosity( depends).

His Life Cast in The Batman Cowl

Even though the real image of Pattinson in the Batman costume is yet to be released, the image of the star’s face cast paired with the batman cowl is now available. Sculptor and prop maker @ReevzFX took to twitter to share the look. They got hold of Robert’s face cast from one of his previous movies to create the batman’s face. The cast was paired with a classic atman cowl and the results are impressive.

Seems like a perfect fit

Robert Pattinson

It might take a long time until we see the real look of the new batman but these images are assuring that Robert Pattinson might be a perfect fit for the role look-wise. His chin just perfectly fits into the cowl and it seems like he was meant to be batman. The actor has won hearts especially the ladies with his charm and cuteness and this might be the best chance to woo the rest with the superhero look. Also, his acting in the Matt Reeves movie should be in par to keep up with the other actors who have played Batman.

Will the new batman have the Blue and Grey costume?

Christian Bale and Ben Affleck are among the actors who have played the role

We are still unsure about the costume choice for the Matt Reeves movie. Will the director go with the usual grey on the black costume for the superhero? The costume is sure to give a signature to the character. May it be Christian Bale in Black and gold or Ben Affleck’s heavily armored suit.  A wise choice would be to go with a blue and grey color scheme. With the rumored preparations that Robert Pattinson is undertaking, he is sure to rock the costume whatever color it may be.

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