‘Here We Go….Last Dance’: Rattled Marvel Fans in Denial Mode as Tom Hardy Hints Venom 3 is the End

In spite of Morbius being a complete disaster at the box office, Sony will continue working on many Spider-Man spin-off films such as Kraven the HunterMadame Web, and El Muerto. With all these exciting projects in development, one character that fans are eagerly waiting for is Venom.

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Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock made an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s post-credits scene

Tom Hardy in Spider-Man: No Way Home's post credit scene
Tom Hardy in Spider-Man: No Way Home’s post-credit scene

Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage did well at the box office and fans are excited to see the next chapter. Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock is confirmed to be returning back for Venom 3, as he made an appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s post-credits scene leaving a trace of symbiote behind in the MCU.

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Tom Hardy posted a story on Instagram hinting that Venom 3 might be the end

Tom Hardy's Instagram story
Tom Hardy’s Instagram story

Tom Hardy’s latest Instagram post confirmed that the scriptwriting process for Venom 3 has officially begun. In the post he shared the photo of Venom 3‘s script cover with a “last dance” sticker, hinting that the next Venom movie might be the end.

This post left fans upset as they were really excited to see more of Eddie Brock’s Venom in the future

Venom fans used their social media accounts to express their disbelief and shared their opinions on the topic:

However, neither Sony nor Tom Hardy has yet confirmed Venom 3 will be the end of his journey.

Is Venom 3 actually the end of the symbiote’s anti-hero journey?

Tom Hardy’s Venom

Tom Hardy adding the “last dance” sticker over Venom 3‘s script strongly implies that the movie will be the end of his anti-hero journey, but neither Sony nor Tom Hardy has actually confirmed it as of now. Spider-Man and Venom are expected to face off in the third film as Sony promised an eventual crossover between them.

Having a Venom in both the Sony and MCU universe would’ve been confusing for the viewers so Tom Hardy’s Venom leaving behind a trace of the Venom alien symbiote in the MCU makes complete sense. This means fans might get to see a new character working with the alien symbiote.

Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web are scheduled for release in 2023, so Venom 3 is most likely to follow El Muerto in 2024, unless Sony decides to release the film early.

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