Here’s A Fan-Made Video On How Ben Affleck Would Look Like As A Younger Batman

A fan has recently demonstrated in a video how Ben Affleck would look like as a younger Batman for Matt Reeves’ Batman solo film, which is said to be inspired from Batman: Year One comics storyline.

The solo Batman film by Matt Reeves has been a point of discussion since long now. The film was once supposed to be directed and written by Ben Affleck himself but with Reeves’ joining the project, its possible that Affleck might no longer play any role in the movie. Having a solo Batman film without Affleck will definitely bring in a lot of continuity complications in DCEU and the biggest question here is that if he is replaced, will it mean that he’s out of the role entirely? Or will this solo film be a part of a different universe similar to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker? The film is rumored to be inspired from the Batman: Year One storyline, which will focus on a younger Batman in his first year of fighting against crime in Gotham city.

A fan gave out a simple solution to this problem by using computer graphics to show a younger Affleck as Batman. This formula has been used by Marvel before in Ant-Man (Michael Douglas) and Civil War (Robert Downey Jr). However, these two were shown younger onscreen for only a few minutes and de-aging a character for the entire movie might be an expensive task for Warner Bros.

However, this fan has even stated that it wouldn’t be very difficult for the creators to de-age him and posted a video demonstrating his idea:

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Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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