Here’s How Ant-Man & The Wasp Just Set Up The X-Men’s Arrival In MCU!

The way Ant-Man & The Wasp ended left us all wondering if it was designed to open a doorway for X-Men in the MCU.
MCU’s future seems a bit uncertain as we still look forward if Disney purchase of Fox’s movie business will open the gates for X-Men and Fantastic Four in the mainstream universe. But the question is, how will they work in X-Men into a world which doesn’t know anything about mutants?

MCU hasn’t seen mutants so far and we even saw that Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver got his powers through experiments with a Sceptor used by Loki in Avengers. If we talk about the series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. used Inhumans and Terrigan Mists to fill in for the mutants. The show treated Inhumans like how mutants were treated in Marvel’s comic books. New Inhumans began to come up at places all over the globe, just like mutants.
However, it’s likely that Marvel would use actual mutants than Inhumans and the question, how? The answer to this lies within the Quantum realm.

After Pym rescues his wife Janet Van Dyne from the Quantum realm after she was stuck there for three decades, she tells Pym that the place changes a person in ways one can’t even imagine. She revealed further that evolution and adaption and parts of the realm. Janet had telepathic quantum ability using which she could connect to Scott and also sense Ghost’s pain. She can even heal the Ghost by transferring energy to her by mere touching.

Another notable thing is that Pym and Scott both traveled into the realm but didn’t come out with any special abilities. This proves that the realm affects only a few poeple. This can be used to explain how there are certain mutants on Earth where initially there were none. One certain people would be affected and this might be explained as some sort of X-Gene that made them susceptible to Quantum energy. Even in the comics, it’s stated that they got their powers from nuclear radiations.

It could be a breach of Quantum realm which affects the Earth and shows way to Professor X and rest of X-Men. The only disadvantage of this theory is that all mutants will gain their powers at the same time and that would take away the aspect of Xavier taught the mutants to control their powers.

It’s certain that Quantum energy has been leaking out of its realm ever since Janet first entered it and perhaps there are a few mutants out there like Professor X who have been working in secret. So now whenever something happens to Quantum realm in the future, the number of mutants might rise and might lead them to come into everyone’s notice. This might lead Xavier and his team to step into the scene.

Obviously, this is just a mere possibility and we don’t even know if the Disney/Fox deal will close but it definitely seems that this film was made with the intention that a possible deal between the companies is possible and we might just see our favourite X-Men in MCU in the future.

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