Here’s How Deadpool Would React To Real World Situations

Deadpool is one of the most hilarious, relatable and anti-heroic characters in the history of heroes. Well, the thing about Deadpool is that, despite his character flares, we can imagine him walking beside us in a departmental store, commenting on a stranger’s habit or just randomly, sarcastically replying to a friend’s bad joke. So here’s imagining Deadpool’s most famous ‘quotes’, re-imagined in real life scenarios. 

Deadpool replying to Spider-Man who is reading a fortune cookie is a classic Deadpool move.

Every time your face is covered in squid ink, it doesn’t have to be your fault, sometimes, the opposite side is just being a prick.

Yeah Did You Ever Think Of That

Deadpool is a classic character and so are his characteristics. And then there is this characteristic no one can stop talking about. The characteristic of jumping in front of a car, for reasons, well, different.


Deadpool respects science way too much. So much, that he will literally cut himself up for it.

For Science

Deadpool would also be a big Alexa user and here’s some imaginative proof.

For Science

He wouldn’t joke when judging people, even when dived to death.

His Form Could Use A Little Work

Deadpool knows how to kill and he doesn’t joke around that fact. Respect it.

Where's The Lie

It is difficult to move on, even for Wade. Sigh.


Wade knows his subjects, specifically biology. Treat yourself with some Wade-Science.

Definitely Don't Need All 206 Of Them

Time for some ideas, it REALLY is.

Any Ideas?

Deadpool is pissed when calls him, guess what, Spider-Man.

Must Happen Often

Superstores are often fantasy and dream lands for many, including Wade.

How Many IKEAs Has Wade Been Banned From

Aww for Tony Stark being a father, but, sigh for Wade.


Do you have difficulty in tracking the food on your clothes? Well, you are in the same boat as Wade.

Oh Yeah, Totally

Deadpool’s a lot of things, optimistic is one of them (Stupid, too, probably)

You Sure?

All these fan-made imaginary quotes are hilarious & they are accurate. They perfectly accentuate Deadpool’s character. This Marvel character is probably one of the most human, sarcastic, and crazy characters. 

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