Here’s How Marvel Could Introduce Nova In The MCU

Nova, who was soo close to appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Infinity War but later not, is all set for now to make his entry into MCU.

All the events in favor of Nova to appear in MCU have already been taken place in the timeline.


Joe Russo reveals Richard Rider (Nova) was in the final battle in Avengers Endgame ⁠ — ‘Look closely at that scene … You will see Richard Rider in the background of the shot’ from Avengers

Especially after Joe Russo once trolled us all and made the whole world look through the final battle to try to screenshot him, fans went obsessed with this character.

So now that stage is all set to introduce a new hero, let us get some idea about who he is and what are all the events in effect. Nova’s origin story has been told numerous times in marvel comics. Richard Raider, aka the Nova, is the last centurion of all the nova corps.

When the Xandar gets demolished, he gets chosen by the Xandarian world-mind to inherit the entire power of Nova corps. He becomes defender for Xandar and a hero for the earth.

Even if he is a bit cocky and overly ambitious, we all love him for it.

Fans who follow Marvel animated series, Ultimate Spiderman, are pre-eminent with this character and his craziness.


Nova has potential for a debut
Xandar was stated to be destroyed by Thanos for Power stone

So let us consider some points here. For this, let’s go back to some past events in the MCU timeline.

First things first, Nova corps and Xandar were introduced in MCU by Guardians of the Galaxy. We remember very well the crazy dance by Quill on Xandar. 

The second thing is that Thanos, the mad titan, on his quest for power stone crumbled Xandar to ashes. Even if it wasn’t shown, it was well stated in Avengers: Infinity War.

So by connecting the dots, we can assume that now might be a perfect time to introduce Nova. We can even expect the start of the movie from this event itself.

We can expect Raider hanging out on Xandar and in-comes Thanos, creating havoc on the planet, ultimately getting his prize he came for. But this end is the beginning of the new superhero Nova.

It may be a bit too much for the start of a movie, but we can digest it well as we were already familiar with the choking of Loki and the massacre of Asgardians at the beginning of the Infinity War.


Nova has potential for a debut
Glenn Close and James Gunn

He has already been cut from two of the MCU movie in the past. Also, James Gunn, when asked about the character and its intro in a Quarantine watch party, spoils nothing.

Also, Marvel may use Thanos reappearance in the movie, well, a brief one.

So the question here is where the hell is he during the battle with Thanos?? There are quite a lot of theories like he might have got vanished during the “BLIP” and is unaware of anything happening around.

After all, aren’t we all ready to hear Nova Prime actress Glenn Close voice the Worldmind and see Richard Rider fight with her about all the heroic things he wants to do but probably can’t pull off? 

Sources: Comicbook


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