Here’s How the Last Member of Young Avengers could be introduced in the MCU

The MCU Is Merely The Tip Of The Iceberg That Is The Marvel Comic-Verse:

A Still Of Probably Young Avengers
Are the Young Avengers Coming to the MCU?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is brimming with fascinating characters. However, things get much more enticing when you understand that the MCU is only the tip of the iceberg that is the Marvel Comic-verse. The MCU may soon debut a new superhero team that will serve as the Teen Titans to the Avengers’ Justice League. As a result, the Young Avengers Some members of the Young Avengers, like Iron Lad, have already been revealed to fans (a younger version of Kang). So, here’s how the final member of the Young Avengers may seem in the MCU. Kate Bishop (Scott Lang’s Progeny), Cassie Lang (Scott Lang’s Progeny), Elijah Bradley aka The Patriot (introduced in Falcon And The Winter Soldier), Wiccan And Speed (Wanda’s Children), America Chavez (to be introduced in Multiverse of Madness), Kid Loki (introduced in Loki), Riri Williams (to be introduced in Wakanda Forever), Kamala Khan (The Marvels), Iron Lad aka Kang, and Hulkling aka Teddy Altman.

Introduction of the Last Member of Young Avengers:

A Still Of The Members Of The Young Avengers
A Still Of The Members Of The Young Avengers

Of all the Young Avengers, Teddy Altman, Hulking, is the only one who has yet to be presented (Iron Lad was technically introduced via his future self). He is expected to make his debut in either “Secret Invasion” or “The Marvels.” In the comics, he is the son of Mar-Vell, a male Kree who was Captain Marvel, and Skrull Princess Anelle. He was transported to Earth by the princess and her nursemaid to be reunited with and raised by his father, only to learn that he had died unaware of his son’s existence. This causes the nursemaid to flee to Earth and raise him as her own. This origin starkly contrasts with the MCU’s depiction of Marr-Vell, who was neither Captain Marvel nor a hero at all. Listen up! My idea is that the MCU will consign Teddy to being the kid of Carol Danvers and a Skrull Prince. This stems from Monica’s unexplainable rage at the mere mention of Carol in Wandavision. Carol may have fallen in love with the Prince (the MCU has made her quite close to the Skrulls) and given birth to Teddy, but the Prince was slain by the Kree or another, more malicious Skrull group. Teddy was then forced into hiding on Earth because, like in the comics, his ancestry made him a huge political target. Monica’s rage at Carol might stem from her feeling that she abandoned her son; she would most likely be extremely close to him as a type of “cool aunt,” or she may even be the one who reared him in this timeline. Monica’s relationship with him, in whatever shape it takes, might be how they enable said hybrid prince’s meeting with a specific chaos mage, to whom she also has deep links. ”

The Breakdown:

A Still Of The Young Avengers
A Still Of The Young Avengers

Hulking is a Kree-Skrull hybrid, which many moviegoers are unaware of. Mar-vell had a romance with a Skrull princess, who bore Teddy. Mar-vell was ignorant of the child’s existence, so when he was transported to Earth with a nursemaid, all he discovered was a dead hero. But this was the history of comic books. Mar-Vell died before the conflict ended in the MCU. In this reality, he was never a hero. So the Redditor did an incredible job of changing the plot so that she is Hulkling’s mother in the MCU. Carol might have been courted by a Skrull Prince at some point. After all, she has been defending them for a long time, so some connection is understandable. Regardless, we believe that introducing the Hulkling through Carol makes the most sense and will give her a part in the next confrontation. Vision may be revived in the MCU, much as he was in the Young Avengers. This time, though, it will be Wanda’s charms that generate the commotion. This would undoubtedly be an intriguing duel. What are your thoughts on this? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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