BatmanXLego Collection

Fans will commemorate Tim Burtons 1989 Batman’s thirtieth birthday with the acquirement of a fantastic new LEGO DC Batmobile, beginning on Black Friday (29 November). Black Friday naturally allows comic book enthusiasts to find great offers for their favorite characters for new toys, action figures, and games. Today LEGO gives Batman enthusiasts the most authentic Batmobile LEGO kit.

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New LEGO Collection

Batman Series

Batman of Tim Burton started the late 80’s, starring as Batman Michael Keaton. The film managed to release a variety of Batman’s iconic films in the 1990s. Until Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance as the Joker. Nicholson’s take on the character was millions of viewer’s primary touchpoints for the Joker for many years.


New LEGO Collection

The new LEGO ® DC Batmobile collection contains several unique features to experience master builders with confidence. In this 3,306-piece package, you’ll find a slide-open cockpit, a streamlined shield, and two pop-open turrets for weapons. The new set features a revolving viewing room to show off the Batmobile. The complete game measured in 23 centimeters and the famous Burton Batmobile is a perfect replica. The package includes: Joker, Vicki Vale, and Keaton’s iconic Batman, of course. LEGO released a series of photos of the box, which are accessible to DC Batmobile set:

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BATMOBILE Collection

BATMAN Collaboration

Batman fans involved in the new set must still wait for their orders on Black Friday. An exclusive miniature edition of the Batmóvil prototype will also offer to anyone buying the Batmóvil between 29 November and 5 December. . The Batman has recently shown with a comedy actor Will Arnett as the character in his animated feature movie, titled LEGO Batman Movie. DC have now joined up again to build one of Batmobile’s most authentic sets yet.

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Accessible BATMOBILE

On our official website, LEGO ® TO DC Batmobile is accessible. It is eligible for $249.99, a small price that fans have to charge to have their own Batmobile. Thirty years after Burton and Keaton celebrated the World’s Greatest Detective in their families, DC always gives fans new reasons to appreciate the 1989 film. Every few years, although new Batman films often reach the theatres, Burton’s original movies are still prevalent in many fans ‘ hearts.

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