Here’s How Tony Stark Replaced Entire Avengers With Robots!

The Avengers is one of Marvel’s greatest superhero teams, with iconic characters like Ironman. Ironman (played by Tony Stark) has created a robot version of Avengers known as Iron Avengers in Marvel’s Earth X. Tony Stark decided to develop them after the deaths of Avengers in a massive battle against Absorbing Man. Every Iron Avenger is inspired by one of the fallen Avengers lead by Vision. After the death of Tony Stark, Black Knight took charge to lead them.

Marvel Earth X scenario

Earth X
Earth X

In MCU, there is an alternate reality named Earth X created by John Paul Leon, Alex Ross, and Jim Krugger. Here, all people evolve with superpowers after the release of Terrigen. This Earth witnessed several superheroes die, including the Avengers.

Then Iron Man decides to recreate the present with his old friends’ help. The aged Iron Man takes help from the Iron Avengers, which now look like Earth’s mightiest heroes for the humans.

Iron Avengers Assemble

Iron Avengers Assemble
Assembling of all Iron avengers including Ironman

Ironman created an army of Avengers called Iron Avengers. On the seminal issue in Earth X, these Iron Avengers assembled the first time. As their name suggests, these Iron Avengers are the duplicates of their former members. These robots include Monolith based on Giant-Man, Bolt based on Quicksilver, Sting based on The Wasp, Steelbow based on Hawkeye, and Crimson Sage based on Scarlet Witch.

The armor suit of all these characters imitates Ironman’s armor and the appearances of respective avengers. All the Iron Avengers assembled after they found out that their facsimiles died.
Absorbing Man gained more power in a battle in Washington. D.C. With these abilities, he killed many Avengers such as Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Vision, and Ironman. For honoring these superheroes, Tony Stark built the Iron Avengers similar to their superpowers.

Ironman Reality

Ironman Reality
Ironman’s reality

This is what irked Captain America, who could not bear to see his former comrades being mocked. Tony Stark did not get the chance to build these Iron Avengers. He just sacrificed himself for saving the Earth from Celestials. After that, to honor Ironman, King Britain decided to make the Iron Avengers for the country.

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