Here’s The Real Reason Why Iron Man Has A Rocket Function In His ‘Infinity War’ Armor

Infinity War was indeed heartbreaking with so many heroes dying. One might argue over who suffered the biggest loss but we think that it was Tony Stark who lost his allies, his ‘son’ to Thanos’ destruction of half the universe.  He even lost his will to fight more. Stark was the centre of movie, in ways too many and he had made a new suit for himself that could shape out of his body during the battle and it had some crazy abilities. Here’s why his suit had a rocket function.

It sounds weird when you can break the speed of sound and still you add an additional feature to the rockets. But Stark’s repulsive beams in hands aren’t actually rockets. In Iron Man 1, he mentioned that the jet engines would be replaced by beam tech in the future.

Beam tech propels itself by charging and shooting high powered ions, providing a massive amount of thrust, given that there is enough electricity to charge the ions. During combat, the beams help him to push his opponents back with a crazy amount of force.

In Infinity War, we see him with a new form of tech where he joins his legs to create a singular rocket to fly with extreme levels of force. We see him doing this when he sees Spider-Man passing out off the Q-Ship due to lack of oxygen. Now this wasn’t luck that Stark had this tech. The reason however takes us back to Civil War.

If you remember the Airport scene, where all heroes decide to trade fists at each other, Vision accidentally injures one of his teammate, War Machine. War Machine came fuming down the sky and Tony, who is Rhodey’s best friend tried to fly as fast as possible to save him but he was just not fast enough to reach on time and this results in Rhodey losing his ability to walk by hitting too hard on the ground. This led to Tony adding the combi-rocket function to the suit because somewhere he felt responsible for this and blamed himself.

We love you, Tony! We really do.

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