This year’s Arrowverse crossover has teased a crisis of infinite proportions after casting LaMonica Garrett as the Monitor. Monitor, who is an omnipotent DC Comics character was created by Mark Wolfman and Geoge Perez during ‘The Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover event. This storyline merged parallel worlds of the Multiverse into one.

However, this merging comes at a tremendous price: Barry Allen’s death. Yes, Barry Allen runs himself to death while trying to dismantle an antimatter canon made by the issue’s man antagonist, named Anti-Monitor.

Most of DC’s crossover events have been costly for the Flash family. The ‘Crisis In Time’ crossover nearly brought Johnny Quick to death and 2006’s Infinite Crisis saw Wally West trapped in the Speed Force. But what makes the DCTV crisis more ominous for CW’s Flash is that the death of Barry Allen and a Crisis was foretold since the series’ premiere in 2014.

In the series’ premiere, we saw the villain Eobard Thawne, better known as Reverse Flash, visiting a room where he finds a newspaper from 2024. The headlined stated Flash’s disappearance in reference to a Crisis exhibiting Red Skies. These red skied Crises point out at a disruption in the barriers dividing alternate universes.

While the date on the newspaper reflects that Barry’s fate is still years to happen but it seems like Nora-West Allen’s arrival from the future may have accelerated the Crisis by five years. After all, if fans will remember, Nora herself declared that she has made a huge mistake.

Practically, Flash’s death or disappearance seems unlikely, as the interlude of the third and fourth seasons already saw him trapped in the Speed Force. However, Flash isn’t the only speedster and that makes another high-speed hero’s sacrifice more probable. In short, someone will die. But the question is who?

Alternate universe speedsters Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick are two more candidates who may die in the crossover. They are superheroes from Earth 3 and 2, respectively, and both of them have helped Team Flash on occasions. Jesse Quick has already retired from his superhero persona and now has a team of superheroes to defend Earth-2. While his death seems unlikely, a demise for Jay would give the elderly superhero one more chance to run for one last race.

Another death possibility is Nora’s own superhero alter ego, XS. However, this seems unlikely as a death of a recently introduced character mid-season might turn out to be a step in the wrong direction. Killing Barry Allen and Iris West’s daughter before their eyes doesn’t sound much like a storyline.

Lastly, it might be Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West who might return and give Kid Flash one final chance at glory. The character last appeared in Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow before Lonsdale announced his decision of not returning to show for the upcoming 2018-19 season. A noble sacrifice by Wally to save the Multiverse could give him a grand exit the character deserves.

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