Here’s Why Marvel’s Disney+ Shows Might Get Delayed Too

COVID 19 sure has shown an ugly face for Hollywood. With many movies and TV series getting postponed or releasing on VOD entirely out of the blue, it’s sure a hard time for Hollywood.

The affected House-of-Mouse

Disney+ Shows
Disney has delayed release of its productions

As one of the big players out there, Disney has suspended its movie production and bumped most of the film dates for safety concerns. These suspended productions include Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney+ projects. The odds are in favor of the first batch of Marvel shows for Disney+getting new release dates.

Recently, Disney announced its significant move in the release table. This pushed back Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for around six months. It is releasing after one of the most anticipated Taika Waititi directorial, Thor: Love and Thunder. Well, we have seen that coming.

The current situation doesn’t seem to be welcoming for Marvel Studios into World of Television.


WandaVision leads into the events of Sam Raim’s Doctor Strange 2. So the series may be moved up or down to co-op with the Multiverse of Madness.

Above all, Wanda Vision celebrated its end-off-filming party. If this show is done well enough, post-production can be done remotely. So, it could swap its release with its predecessor, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Marvel’s first-announced Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier might not make an appearance as expected in August. According to Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan, there are only a few weeks left before the shoot wrapup. But rumors are that production was halted until September.


Though it is not confirmed yet, fans are hoping for our mischievous God to make an appearance in the upcoming Thor movie. As a matter of fact, Thor 4 is ahead of Strange. So it can affect the release of the Loki series.

To sum up, we can get a clear idea about the releases sooner or later. All that takes is a word from the house of mouse.

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