Here’s Why Men in Black International is Getting So Many Negative Reviews

With the release of the Men in Black: International in the theatres, a major question is about the reviews it is getting from the people. This week’s response was not really in favour of the movie. The fourth film by Sony featuring the Men in Black series doesn’t feature Will Smith and Tommy Lee, Jones. Instead of that the overall charge of the duties is given to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and take the action worldwide as they play the latest agents tasked with saving the planet from a new series of alien attacks.


Men in Black International, Reviews


It is Thor: Ragnarok stars Thompson and Hemsworth who take up the role of  Agents M and H, two of MIB’s top agents. joining them in the ensemble are Liam Neeson, Rebecca Ferguson  Emma Thompson, and Rafe Spall . Directorial duties fall to F. Gary Gray, following his critical resurgence with 2015’s Straight Outta Compton and the biggest financial success of his career, 2017’s The Fate of the Furious, which is currently the 17th highest grossing film of all time. Sony is clearly hoping that this film will be successful enough to revive the franchise beyond its original trilogy and give it another blockbuster property to help to compete with the Marvel and Star Wars franchises.


Men in Black: International is believed to earn $28 Million dollars domestically. which is hardly even over half of the $50 million marks cleared by every other film in the franchise. One major reason for this could be the early response, the movie has 31 rankings on the rotten tomato and 41 on the meta critic. The movie is believed to be amiable but not that outstanding because of the chemistry of its leads but doing little to freshen up the familiar tropes of this franchise. The critics are not satisfied by the movie being capable enough to inspire a whole new era of Men in Black movies.


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