Here’s Why Villains Should Be The New ‘Heroes’ In DC & Marvel Cinematic Universes

The comic book universes are full of admirable heroes that always inspires and teaches fans how important it is to be brave. Many of these brave iconic characters have their own movies and there are so many heroes yet to make an onscreen debut. But now with the days to come, there will be a certain change in the scenario where villains will be taking the lead.

While Warner Bros. is set to treat its fans with Aquaman, Shazam! And Wonder Woman 1984 in the next two years. Batman and Flash will also get their own solo movies but that’s ambiguous for now. However, Warner Bros has decided to take the villains into the limelight with Joker and Harley Quinn along with Black Adam, Deathstroke and Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile at Sony, the studio has been successful in creating animated movies with Spider-Man and with Venom, Sony has also decided to head in a different direction. Sony has more plans for the villains with movies on Kraven The Hunter and Mysterio. Anti heroes like Black Cat, Silver Sable, Morbius and Venom will also step in the line.

However unlike Warner Bros and Sony, Marvel doesn’t have any plans to provide their villains with the limelight though Black Panther’s Killmonger was highly appreciated by fans. After a decade of movie making and 20movies, Thanos has finally taken the lead in Marvel as a fascinating antagonist.

There’s a saying that a hero is only as good as a villain and antagonists can also teach us numerous lessons and it’s not at all necessary for a viewer to root against the bad guy. These villains have the potential to bring up debatable issues like Thanos’ view of overpopulation and distribution of resources. Yes, the way they might deal with it might be wrong but somehow they do have a valid point.

These movies on villains will have the key factor of jaw dropping fight sequences which will give the audience the same thrill that they’d receive while watching a superhero movie. This is why a movie on Deathstroke, Kraven or Suicide Squad might just do the job for Warner Bros and DC. If they do a fine job with its cinematography, a movie on a villain has the potential to almost feel like a monster movie with excitement and thrills.

The Joker movie has great potential with Joaquin Phoenix taking the lead role. Similarly a movie on Kraven could be absolutely gripping on the bad side of obsession while a Harley Quinn movie would be an absolute treat for all Margot Robbie admirers. These movies can still provide relatable themes like how greed and hatred can make one do terrible things. So yes, I guess we’re all up for these movies based on interesting antagonists and can’t wait for watching all these bad guys on the big screens.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

Vasu Sharma is the Content Head at Animated Times, supervising the Editorial Board at Animated Times. He's 25 years old and has done his master's in journalism from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

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