Here’s Why Wolverine Hates Deadpool

While we all know that Wolverine is someone with way too many enemies and just a handful number of friends, Deadpool isn’t either of those. No matter what Wade Wilson does, it seems inevitable for him to remain on Wolvie’s bad side. Deadpool and Wolverine have teamed up before in the new mutant era, and their relationship has remained as rocksteady as ever.

As Deadpool strives to earn his spot in Krakoa, Wolverine continues to find his own place in it. The unplanned rendezvous by the two on the Chesapeake Bay has led to quite an uneasy alliance that is likely to stir Logan’s disdain for Deadpool, but from where does this avarice stem?

Why Does Wolverine Hate Deadpool?

Wolverine and Deadpool
Why does Logan hate Wade Wilson in Marvel Comics?

Since the very beginning, Deadpool has had ties to Wolverine, both in fiction and in publication. These two characters didn’t share panels until Wolverine #88 by Larry Hama in 1994, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld was always eager to link their origins.

It was later teased out that Emrys Killebrew (Weapon X head scientist) was held responsible for using a small portion of Logan’s DNA to give Wade a healing factor. This process wasn’t very easy; by this moment, Wade had undergone a lot of psychological and physical torment to break at least a dozen men. Now, a Marvel fan would come to think this would’ve garnered him empathy from Wolverine due to shared trauma. However, this was not the case.

The Answer Is Really Simple..

Wolverine and Deadpool in Marvel Comics
Wolverine and Deadpool’s banter in Marvel Comics

To begin with, Logan simply finds Wade very annoying. Wolverine ranks among the surliest characters in Marvel while Deadpool is hyperactive enough to give Spider-Man a headache too. Like Spider-Man, Wilson’s nonstop quipping sometimes serves to overwhelm his opponents mentally. On the other hand, Wolverine takes this as a sign that Deadpool isn’t very serious regarding his work, thereby he is largely unreliable as an ally. What’s more to this is that Wade’s insanity is seen as an act by Logan; a shield for a reckless man to go ahead and indulge his destructive tendencies. For someone like Wolverine, who has by now spent a lot of years fighting to regain his self-control, this idea seems profoundly vexing.

Wolverine in Marvel Comics

It might be too optimistic for these two to ever see eye to eye, and this is what makes their entire relationship so compelling. Deadpool has tried every conceivable method to piss Logan off, yet the two continue to find each other allied for the safety of all mutant kind.

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