The Highest-Grossing Zombie Movies Of All Time

To all the Walking Dead viewers wondering, “Why are the walkers talking?” Well, you might have not read the Walking Dead comics then.

Sunday night’s Episode 9×06, Eugene kept his “testicular heft” on reserve after he and Rosita hid from a massive herd of walkers. After burying themselves in mud in order to pass off the walkers, something perplexing came up. The walkers were heard saying, “Where are they?” To this, a second replied, “They must be close.” While another one said, “Don’t let them get away.”

These aren’t talking zombies though. In the comics by Robert Kirkman, a group of villains were introduced known as “Whisperers”. These people wear the flesh off the dead and walk among them, whispering as a means to blend in with the normal people.

First appearing in The Walking Dead #130, the group is led by Alpha, a bald woman whose true name never got revealed. And they can go to any limit in order to survive. Alpha’s daughter Lydia went on to develop a relationship with Carl Grimes and we hope that this story will be remixed with other characters in the AMC series.

Samantha Morten will be reprising Alpha and Cassidy McClincy will be playing Lydia in the series. They will not be introduced in 2018’s episodes of The Walking Dead. The second in power among the Whisperers is Beta, which will be played by Ryan Hurst.

The group is best known for their infiltration of the fair which took place among the Hilltop, Kingdom and Alexandria communities. In the comics, Alpha kidnapped King Ezekiel and Rosita and beheading them.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday at 9 PM.

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