‘He’s booked an appointment with a surgeon’: Ben Affleck Reportedly Sh*t-Scared of Looking Older Than 53 Year Old Wife Jennifer Lopez, Wants Surgery to Look Younger

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez might not be going as strong as they seemed last year. Ever since their honeymoon phase got over, reports of their marital life being rife with bickering have been doing the rounds. Affleck’s smoking addiction was especially a point of contention and an insider even shared that JLo trashed the Gone Girl star’s motorcycle collection because he refused to give up smoking.

Now the latest report has suggested that Affleck is facing an inferiority complex about his aging skin and that even JLo is triggering him to get surgery.

Ben Affleck is reportedly having a confidence crisis due to his wrinkles

Ben Affleck is worried about his wrinkles, might get a facelift or botox
Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is reportedly worried about his brow crease and is even considering options like surgery and Botox to tackle the aging symptoms. Jennifer Lopez is three years older than her husband but reports have suggested that the Justice League star is worried about looking older than his wife. JLo is known for her strict diet, workout, and skincare routine. She has always taken extreme care to maintain her appearance over the last two decades that she has been in the industry.

While Affleck too has stayed extremely jacked and fit, aging is something no one can control. And worries about his wrinkles have made the Deep Water star allegedly book an appointment for surgery. The insider shared,

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Smriti Sneh

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