“He’s just a d-ck”: Sandra Bullock’s Closest Friend Hugh Grant Gets Called Out for Being an ‘A—hole’ at Oscars 2023 After Claiming He Didn’t Root for Anyone to Win

Hugh Grant attended the 2023 Oscars, and even though you’d think that as an actor walking the red carpet at a significant awards ceremony, he would be prepared to do a few interviews. Sadly, it seemed to be completely false. During the ABC Oscars pre-show, he treated Ashley Graham with obvious disinterest and, in some cases, outright rudeness.

As he arrived at the 95th Academy Awards venue, the Notting Hill actor had a conversation with the host, Ashley Graham as part of ABC’s pre-show. On the ‘champagne’ carpet before the gala, the 35-year-old model was posing as an interviewer for a US broadcaster and posed a number of common questions to Grant.

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant’s Oscar 2023 interview

She asked him questions about who he wanted to win, his outfit, and his expectations for the awards show. The Notting Hill actor, however, gave off the impression that he was completely uninterested in Graham’s line of questions.

The actor arrived at the champagne carpet for the 95th Academy Awards, where he was invited to present an award.  

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Hugh Grant Slammed for His Rude Oscars Interview 

Hugh Grant has faced criticism for his Oscars red carpet interview. The actor spoke with model Ashley Graham in what People Magazine called “a brief, awkward interview” while in attendance at the 95th Academy Awards, rubbing shoulders with other big-screen celebrities before the ceremony.

When Graham spoke with the 62-year-old on the new ‘champagne’ carpet at the ceremony, she was serving as host of ABC’s Countdown to the Oscars. The 35-year-old host began her conversation with Grant by asking him what his favorite aspect of going to the Oscars was.

However, the Four Weddings and a Funeral actor gave her an awkwardly protracted pause before finally responding, “It’s fascinating… the whole of humanity is here … it’s Vanity Fair.”

The model answered, seemingly misinterpreting his reference to the magazine as being Vanity Fair rather than the 1848 novel by William Makepeace Thackery. “Oh yes, it’s all about [the] Vanity Fair [after party], that’s where we need to let loose and have a little fun,” she said.

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

“What are you wearing?” Graham continued by posing soft questions. “Just my suit,” he retorted scornfully. “Who are you excited to see?” He answered coldly, “No one in particular.”

She attempted to focus the conversation on his role in ‌Best Adapted Screenplay nominee for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery after clearly noticing his frustration. Grant rolled his eyes as he said their final words. The conversation quickly went viral, with many asking on social media why he stopped conducting an interview if he was going to be such a “d-ck.” 

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Fans’ Reaction on His Super Rude Interview

Sandra Bullock’s closest friend Hugh Grant received harsh criticism from Oscar’s viewers following an awkward red-carpet interview with Ashley Graham. Fans criticized the 62-year-old’s curt responses during the “painful” exchange and called him “rude,” with some even suggesting that he was purposely trying to be difficult. It’s enough to say that nobody on social media liked the interview.

Hugh Grant was interviewed by Ashley Graham, who was “so sweet and professional with him on the interview,” as a fan twitted. While, “he’s just a d-ck,” as one Twitter user put it.

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Almost 30 years after the release of the popular romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral, directed by Richard Curtis, Grant reconnected with his co-star Andie MacDowell at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony last night. They awarded the Netflix film All Quiet on the Western Front with the prize for having the best production design.

Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant

But he angered viewers before the ceremony when Graham interviewed movie stars as they arrived. Grant didn’t seem particularly interested as the model quizzed him on the Oscars, his outfit, and a recent acting role.

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