“He’s like a mad scientist recluse”: Julia Fox Heartbroken After ‘Genius’ Brother Gets Arrested Alongside Father for Drugs and Weapons Possession

Julia Fox is devastated over the recent personal situation she is facing after her father and brother got arrested early morning for possessing drugs and weapons. To her, her sibling used to be a “mad scientist recluse” however things have turned quite bizarre as her “scientist” brother was arrested after several pieces of equipment were obtained from his Manhattan apartment.

Julia Fox
Italian-American actress, Julia Fox

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While the shocking news had left quite a great impact on the actress, she was unaware of the whole situation that happened on Wednesday morning however reports state what she thinks of her family.

Julia Fox is Heartbroken Over The Recent Arrest of Her Father and Brother

Julia Fox
Julia Fox’s opinions on her family’s recent arrest

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The 33-year-old model, Julia Fox is quite shocked by the recent news as per PageSix. The sources close to the actress told the outlet that she has always considered her brother, Christopher Fox, a “brilliant” man.

They further shared,

“While Julia has found a creative path after a difficult childhood, he’s struggled to believe in himself enough to put his mind to use.”

Even in her 2019 interview, she gave a deep insight into her brother Christopher and father Thomas Fox. Stating about her father, she told the outlet,

“My dad is American. He’s, like, a seventh-generation New Yorker. He’s out of his mind. I pretty much grew up with him. Single dad. Poor guy.”

While she decided to pursue her dreams, her brother continued to stay in New York whom she described as “a mad scientist recluse. He builds 3D printers for fun.” Even her relatives agreed with her statement as they shared with the outlet that her brother is a gentle being who might do “mad” science stuff but he can’t even hurt a fly.

Julia Fox’s Brother and Father Arrested in Their NY Home!

Julia Fox
Model actress, Julia Fox

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Fox’s father and brother were reported to be arrested on Wednesday morning after NYPD raided their apartment and found various illegal items in their possession. The officers reportedly found “heroin, chloroform, unidentified pills, a pill press, fentanyl, propane, explosive materials, and formaldehyde.” 

Not just that, the police also obtained “several ghost gun parts as well as equipment for pressing narcotics pills.” There was a plethora of materials that can be used to create something dangerous. While the duo is detained by the police, many believe that they were not planning anything that could be a threat to the community.

Source: PageSix

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