‘He’s Probably His Son’s Biggest Fan’: Fans Rally Behind Will Smith After He Trolled Jaden Smith in Meme Music Video in Wholesome Father-Son Moment

The aftermath of the Chris Rock slap controversy is still evitable as fans do not seem to miss any moment to trash the Smith family. A few times back, Will Smith made a parody video on his son’s song, “Icon” and it went from 45 million to 100 million views after the oscar-winning actor promoted it. 

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Will Smith ‘s recreation of the video

In the video, the actor was seen rapping every single word and enacting the same way that Jaden Smith did. A fan demanded more of Jaden Smith’s music video.

What was Jaden Smith’s song about?

Jaden Smith
Jaden Smith’s song

Jaden Smith’s video talked about his accomplishments from starring in movies to appearing on magazine covers. Oscar-Winning actor bleached his hair and had a pair of grills sitting morosely in a car just like them Jaden did in the video. Later, the actor proceeds to expertly lip-sync and dance to the track before offering his congratulations to his son. 

Netizens’ reaction to the recent controversy

Will Smith punching Chris Rock during Oscars 2022
The famous slap controversy at the Oscars 2022

However, netizens do not seem to forget about the Jada Smith controversy. Even after being banned from the Oscars, nothing much has been heard about the Men in Black in the past few times. On the other hand, Jada Smith went on to address the infamous slap controversy while talking on her Red Table Talk show

This seems more like physical violence and not a lesson that needs to be taught.

What is next for Will Smith and everyone including the infamous slap controversy

Will Smith-Chris Rock drama continues..
Will Smith shocked everyone at the Oscars after slapping Chris Rock

With all the slap brawl, some of the characters have moved on in their lives while some of them are still trying to overcome. Reportedly, Chris Rock came into a relationship and is working tirelessly on his new project. Whereas Hollywood and the world of the internet are still finding a conclusion of who was wrong and who was right!

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