‘He’s Robin Hood, She’s Crap’: Internet Hilariously Defends Yunis Abbas, Who Allegedly Robbed Kim Kardashian Blind of Millions in Jewelry Because She Kept Flaunting It

The cost of the 2016 heist still weighs heavy on Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star’s Paris home was robbed by a band of conspirators, who swept away millions in stolen jewelry. And the case still continues to drag on, still tormenting the Kardashian sister. But according to one of the people accused of the crime (and who has also partially confessed to it), he has no remorse for committing the offence. Yunis Abbas, one of the several members who robbed Kim Kardashian’s house said that he had not done any wrong.

Yunis Abbas discloses how the heist on Kim Kardashian’s house went down

Kim Kardashian
The man behind robbing Kim Kardashian’s house discloses how he planned the act

Yunis Abbas, in an interview with Vice News, disclosed various information regarding what went behind the scenes in the commission of their plan. In order to pick the perfect time to rob Kim Kardashian, the group kept tabs on her movements. And what better platform to track a celebrity’s movements then social media (both theirs and of the people who follow them).

Abbas explained that they kept a track of all the moves Kim K made in Paris, mulling over the tiniest possible details. Their sophisticated planning allowed them to come up with a plan that would go off without a hitch.

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Why Kim Kardashian was their target?

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian was “throwing her wealth”

Abbas also explained the reason behind choosing Kim K as the target of their plan. He said that it was apparent from her social media that she possessd a lot of wealth. Her flaunting all the stores of jewellery she possessed made it apparent that she possessed wealth, but kept on “throwing it away” and thus them robbing her was just pretty much picking up what she didn’t really care about.

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So they had no remorse for their acts. Even though the act caused her trauma, she did not lose a thing essential to her. And Twitter was on his side wholeheartedly.

Twitter dubbed him as Robin Hood for his actions.

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Yunis Abbas and co. continue to evade prison

Kim Kardashian
The perpetrators of the offence on Kim Kardashian’s house are still not in prison

That doesn’t change the fact that Abbas was on the wrong side of the law. But he, along with his accomplices, continues to evade prison.

It is ironical though that Abbas, who has agreed to being a part of the crime on various platforms, has plead not guilty of the charges in court. One wonders whether the book he has published on the topic would be a good enough evidence to get him convicted.

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Source: TMZ

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