“He’s such a hit with the ladies”: “Charming” Pete Davidson Convinces Everyone He Won’t Struggle at All With Finding a New Romance After Breaking up With Kim Kardashian and Ariane Grande

American comedian Pete Davidson is making headlines after the shocking breakup of his with makeup mogul Kim Kardashian surfaced on the Internet. Though many reasons have been surfacing regarding their breakup, the most recent one is their massive age gap that became a barrier in the stars’ relationship.

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson with his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian

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The comedian was previously heartbroken by the recent split however reportedly got weary of their relationship due to the socialite’s constant obsession with trying to take charge of the former’s different aspects of life. According to the previous reports, she was trying to control the comedian by forcing him to live in a certain way.

Pete Davidson Will Not Be Having a Hard Time Finding a New Partner

Pete Davidson
American Comedian Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson recently broke up with Kim Kardashian earlier this month however with the personality Davidson possesses, he will not be going through a hard time finding his new love interest after splitting up with the latter in less than a year. The former couple first sparked their romance by sharing a sweet kiss when the latter hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2021.

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The 28-year-old comedian was also highlighted when he dated high-profile celebrity Ariana Grande who even got engaged in 2018 however they broke up shortly after their engagement. A source shared to US Weekly, Pete’s charming guy with bags of confidence and humor, plus he’s also super intelligent and a great listener,” stating that why he’ll have less trouble in finding a new partner.“It’s not all that surprising to the folks who know him that he’s such a hit with the ladies.”

Pete Davidson’s Future Goals After His Split With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Animated Times
Ex-Couple Kim Kardashian (left) and Pete Davidson (right) with matching hair dyes

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The 28-year-old star is focusing on his career now after his breakup with the American socialite. While the previous reports stated that the couple broke up due to their busy schedules, it is more likely that he is focused on his career. The source shared, Pete is focusing on himself and his career right now and trying to make himself happy,” adding, “He’s got a huge career ahead of him and has a ton of irons in the fire post-SNL.”

Regarding his plans, the source stated, “He has a hugely ambitious streak” adding that the comedian wants to “continue his standup comedy routine, challenge himself with new acting roles.” The source also shared that the actor-comedian had really enjoyed his time in Australia and “is excited about the future.” 

The actor had previously shared his plans about marriage when he was dating the socialite and stated himself as the ‘family guy’ however will now be focusing on his career as for now.

Source: US Weekly

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