‘He’s truly heartbroken’: Gerard Pique’s Partying Days Come Crashing Hard After Found Listening to Shakira in His Car, Patching Up On The Cards?

Moving on can be hard! Even worse if your ex-partner is a pop star that makes the world groove to her music. Recently, Shakira and Gerard Pique’s breakup has been making the rounds on the internet. And apparently, Gerard Pique was spotted by some fans listening to one of Shakira’s songs as he left training. 

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Gerard Piqué and Shakira with their kids
Gerard Piqué and Shakira with their kids

TikTok video of Gerard Pique listening to a song by Shakira

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique in the car listening to Shakira’s song

Gerard Pique and Shakira ended their relationship that lasted for over a decade mutually in which the couple never got married but had two kids together. A recent TikTok circulated over the internet shows Gerard Pique listening to Shakira’s music while driving along, just over a month after they parted their ways. 

The Catalan player didn’t seem very happy as he drove along, although people cornered him around the streets. They were seen taking pictures and videos of him where one of the people recorded him listening to his former partner’s music.

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The Defender was listening to Inevitable, which is from Shakira’s 1998 Dónde Están Los Ladrones? Album.  In the video, TikTok user @carmonaa.23 screamed “what a great song” as he recorded Gerard Pique listening to the track. The TikTok video has over 4.5 million views so far.

Shakira called Gerard Pique, “the best center back”

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Interestingly both the couples have not made any official statement about their seperation, but Shakira posted a photo on her Instagram with a caption written in the Spanish language. The popstar mentioned, “Gerard won’t let me say these things publicly”. She later added, “he’s the best center back in the world”.

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What to expect from the brawl?

Shakira and Pique
Shakira and Pique, with their children. Sasha and Milan.

Recently there was various news of Shakira preparing for a legal battle with her ex-partner Gerard Pique. Shakira also went on to hire the 2 best lawyers with the help of her friend. One of the two lawyers also helped Shakira in winning her previous legal brawl with her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rúa.  Since it can be speculated that Pique is not over Shakira, there’s a chance the ex-couple might get back together!

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