‘He’s using Adele to boost his Hollywood profile’: Adele’s Fiancé Rich Paul Allegedly Using $220M Rich Singer, May Dump Her After His Work’s Done

Adele has already established herself as a successful artist in the music industry. With her glam-packed career, many might be surprised how her personal life has been the opposite. However, things have been going serenely ever since her fiancé Rich Paul entered her life. While this could be a good sign for the former, many think otherwise.

British singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
British singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins

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While she is already planning for a bright future with her partner, her friends are pretty concerned about his presence in her life. They have their doubts about whether his love for the singer might be costing her immense fame!

Rich Paul Might Be Using Adele to Give a Significant Push to His Hollywood Profile

Adele and Rich Paul
Lovebirds, Adele, and Rich Paul

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The 34-year-old English artist, Adele is now in the zenith of love! With a great career, she is now enjoying the bliss of a great love life however her close circle is concerned that her beau, Paul Rich might dump the star after he’s done using her.

“Rich is a very charming, influential guy. But the worry is he’s using Adele to boost his Hollywood profile and it’ll all end in tears once he’s gotten bored with her.”

The duo has been dating each other for 2 years now while the singer has already shared her plans about expanding her family. Last year, she told in an interview about having “plans next year!

She stated at the time,

“Imagine if I have to cancel the shows because I’m having a baby.”

However, her plans for the baby are on hold until the wedding. She sparked her engagement rumors after she was spotted with a huge diamond engagement ring at the BRIT Awards last month.  Towards the end of the month, celeb gossip Instagram DeuxMoi claimed that the lovebirds are finally engaged and are planning to get married in the summer. Though it is yet to be confirmed, insiders are not able to digest the fact that the sports star garnered major limelight after he started dating the English singer.

Is Rich Paul’s Presence Bad for Adele?

Adele with her beau Rich Paul
Adele with her beau Rich Paul [Courtesy: Getty Images]
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While their relationship has only left the artist in a great mood, many are concerned about how his “questionable influence” is affecting her in quite a peculiar way. Not just that, an insider even shared how he suddenly emerged as an influential personality just after getting involved with her.

“Before they went public, hardly anyone had heard of the guy. Now he’s front and center at all the big events, soaking up the limelight and encouraging her to get out there and party alongside him.”

Her friends are concerned that she is delving more “into this splashy, flashy environment.” She has already opened up about being obsessed with her beau, so her inner circle can’t help but think of some extreme situation when “he’ll just take off and move on to his next conquest.” That would surely leave a significant scar on the When We Were Young singer.

Source: Radar Online

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