Hideo Kojima made a statement that Death Stranding Is Part of a “Totally Brand New Genre”

Death Stranding has witnessed a lot of speculations and questions better than any other upcoming games. ” We only just learned more about its gameplay and what the whole game is actually about during a reveal from its creator, Hideo Kojima, but while some questions were answered, many more took their place.

One of these questions asks what genre Death Stranding even fits into since it’s got everything from shooting to stealth to some wild new multiplayer mechanics that aren’t fully understood yet. According to Kojima, Death Stranding is part of a “totally brand new genre” even though it does feature some elements from more familiar types of games.”

It was Kojima who actually addressed the ‘genre topic’ over twitter when inquired about Death Stranding and whether is it supposed to be a ‘stealth game’.

Hideo Kojima Says Death Stranding Is Part of a "Totally Brand New Genre"
Hideo Kojima Death Stranding is a part of brand new genre


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“We’ve certainly seen stealth play a part in the Metal Gear games, and Death Stranding’s protagonist, Sam, didn’t always seem equipped to go toe-to-toe with other humans or otherworldly entities judging from what we’ve seen in the trailer above. Despite there being times when it appears beneficial for Sam to hide, Kojima said in the past that Death Stranding is “not a stealth game.” His latest comments expand on this statement and talk about some of the various elements that are at play in Death Stranding that come together to create an “action game/strand game,” also called a “social strand system” by the creator.”

“The game doesn’t contain any shooter but it does suppoerts a FPS action which was clearly indicated in the trailer.”Like the rest of Death Stranding, there are still questions about how players will connect these strands and socialize with others, but we at least have a genre descriptor to go off of now. Death Stranding’s earliest descriptions from the first trailer ands previews said it would be a genre-defining experience, and it looks like it’ll be doing that by crating its own genre. Perhaps in a few years we’ll see other “social strand system” games that people will call Death Stranding-likes.”


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