Hilarious Attempts Of People Failing!!

There are tons of individuals on the web, and when they attempt to do things, it necessarily does not always work out in their favour. Whether they’re being bullies or simply minding their own business, thanks to r/ThereWasAnAttempt  here are some hilarious samples of people failing.

1. Tips To Remember

lol62056 / Reddit

2. He Shoots To Kill

IAmGodMode / Reddit

3. Leave Hillary Alone

chickenmaster04 / Reddit

4. Vandalizing Property

aliman21 / Reddit

5. Science

Kdial2002 / Reddit

6. Take Your Hate Elsewhere

Rollen73 / Reddit

7. Don’t Try To Make A Big Deal Out Of This

Cole Allen / Twitter

8. Going to Uni…

bicureyooz / Reddit

9. Since When Was This Something Millennials Did? Nope!

Kdial2002 / Reddit

10. Rhetorical or Recipe?

: Kdial2002 / Reddit

11. Amazon Suggestions

Jac Rayner / Twitter

12. Unexpected Compliment

GreenKeel / Reddit

13. Where Will You Go?


14. Do Not Disrepespect Him Like That!

russangoat / Reddit

15. Big Brain

oda1337 / Reddit

16. That Smile!

Own-Limit / Reddit

17. Poor Tax Payers

hiphopnurse / Reddit
Prachee Mishra
Prachee Mishra

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