Horror Films That Get A Lot Better On A Second Watch!

Hollywood makes some stunning horror films, but not all are received well by the audiences. Many times they get complex and difficult to understand. Horror films are gaining lot of popularity these days thanks to the stories, scares and even great sound effects.

Of course, horror films do not get scary the second time you want it since we already know the jump scares and all. But there are times when the movie has such complexity that it makes more sense when fans watch it the second time. Here are few horror films that get better on a rewatch!

1. US – 2019


Jordan Peele is an outstanding director and he upped the horror genre game in the recent years. The fact that he can brilliantly think of such amazing ideas that reflect on society is commendable. And he rightly chooses horror movies to portray them as well.

US had a complex story which requires a rewatch. The story follows Adelaide Wilson and her happy family. But one day they are attacked by mysterious people dressed in red. On a closer look, Wilson family realises that the attackers look exactly like them.

2. The Blair Witch Project – 1999

The Blair Witch Project

Horror films were quite different back in the 199os and early 2000s and there are some films that have heavily influenced the genre. The Blair Witch Project was a low budget film, but it has been one such foundational film that is still popular among the fans.

The film is on three students who decide to go into the Maryland backwoods to cover the “mystery” behind the Blair Witch incidents. But they end up losing the match and things take a wrong turn. When you watch it for the first time, the movie gets bit too much but a rewatch makes things more understandable and makes you appreciate the film as well.

3. Scream – 1996


Okay hear us out before you “@” us,  the Scream franchise gave a rebirth to the “slashers” back in the 1990s and 2000s and developed an awareness tone in horror films. They are not that kind of horror as you would expect them to be they have much to give.

Each of the movie (in the franchise) has satisfying “who did it” regarding the killer(s) identity. SO when you rewatch the film you know who the killer is and you can pay more attention to their characters and be a “detective” while monitoring them.

4. Saw – 2004


Saw movies ruled the 20003 and added violence to the new error of horror. The movie is gruesome and has some really mind twisting conclusions.

It opens multiple doors when you watch the Saw films the second time, but the original film gives a next level experience. The movie is a minimalistic masterpiece from the horror genre king James Wan and details start opening up on the second watch.

5. Cabin In The Woods – 2011

Cabin In The Woods

Cabin in the Woods starts off with five friends unknowingly summon a family of zombies. The movie at first watch has a very generic story but then as it progresses; it reveals a much larger plot that is appreciated by many horror fans. It’s such a movie which will make you notice something new every time you re watch it.

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