How An Adam Sandler’s Terrible Netflix Movie Is Inevitably a Global Hit Now

Over the years, actor Adam Sandler has gone on to prove himself as the single biggest draw on the streaming platform Netflix, with fans and subscribers spending billions of hours streaming his vast back catalog of comedy films, even if most of them tend to be, you know, derided by some critics.

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler

This even goes on to extend to projects where he isn’t really required to appear on camera himself, with Happy Madison’s efforts Father of the Year and also, The Wrong Missy still managing to do huge numbers for Netflix, even if the streaming company’s founder and CEO was somewhat restricted to being a producer only.

As fans, even if you are not aware, you could have guessed that last evening’s debutant Home Team was actually a Happy Madison feature, given that it goes on to star Kevin James, Chris Farley’s younger brother John, Sandler’s wife Jackie, Rob Schneider, his nephew Jared, and longtime cohort Allen Covert.

Home Team on Netflix
Home Team on Netflix

The films’ script was co-written by Chris Titone, who is actually a veteran of not more than sixteen Happy Madison films in a lot of roles, so you would know exactly what you’re getting from this particular one. While James headlines as a suspended NFL coach in the movie, making a return to his hometown and trying to reconnect with his son by coaching his football team.

In true Adam Sandler style, Home Team currently has a dismal Rotten Tomatoes score of barely 17%, but it is still a certified Netflix sensation. If we hear FlixPatrol, the sports comedy has now entered the Top 10 most-watched list in almost 64 countries, even including an impressive five number one placings, yet again reinforcing the status of Sandman as the streamer’s top dog at the moment.

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