How Avengers: Endgame Might've Discovered If the OTHER Heroes Were Snapped

Avengers: Infinity War with it’s ending transmitted a shock to many, with almost all life in the universe, along with our precious heroes, being dusted as the result of Thano’s snap. This resulted in the events of Avengers: Endgame, where the remaining heroes risked it all to bring back everyone that was murdered But, how adversely would Endgame have been if the surviving team were the ones that got dusted instead? Those variations could have led to a very different film.

Post-Battle Of Wakanda

Hypothetical situations imagined about post-battle Wakanda


Endgame, the Avengers organization itself will still be a bit active, although it would be operated very differently. Shuri and Peter Parker, along with the Pyms, would most probably form the team’s technological geniuses. With that abundance of brainpower, it could even be possible to bring back Vision in some form, although he would likely not be the same person nor would he be muscular enough to join the Avengers on their adventures just yet. Hardly any time would probably pass before the remaining heroes figure out how to utilize time travel via the Quantum Realm due to Hank and Janet’s extensive experience and command on the subject

The Time Heist

Avengers: Endgame' Time Travel
All is demolished except one

This new scenario would steer clear the Battle of New York completely, with the Avengers only arriving in New York for Loki’s scepter. This time, however, it will be during the Age of Ultron, especially the party at the Avengers tower for the Power Stone, the plan to get it would go about similarly as it did in Endgame, with the Guardians destroying the other timeline’s Quill before he gets the orb. All the pieces are set other than for one major component: the Soul Stone.

A Happy Ending?

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Could there be a happy ending to this fantasy?

With Nebula not being seized in the past, the fight with Thanos at the Avengers facility would not have taken place. presuming that it takes a few weeks for them to figure out time travel, Thanos would have demolished the original Infinity Stones by then. The Endgame in this scenario terminates with all the main cast of heroes still alive, minus Hank Pym.

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