‘How Can You Even Have The Nerve To Defend An Abuser?’: Johnny Depp Fans Fight Back Amber Heard Fans After Alleged Leaks Go Viral, Claim They Are Gaslighting To Suppress Evidence

The Johnny Depp Vs. Amber Heard’s defamation trial keeps sparking a lot of controversy in the media, new and old. However, what is alarming is the pieces of the case are still getting unraveled under a microscope by fans of both parties. In the most recent unraveling, a Twitter user posted a picture that allegedly explains elements of Amber Heard’s behavior with Johnny Depp when they were still together.

The speculations are never-ending with the defamation case

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp during the defamation trial

The media has always been one to speculate over anything and everything. However, the media was not alone in this case as fans were eager to support their favorites. Now adding in the fact that the case was streamed live just adds more fuel to the fire as fans started speculating every single sentence, motion, and body language that the camera could pick up. Due to this, wild allegations were taking place on social media for the duration of the trial. However, even though these allegations and speculations have died down after its conclusion, it is not completely dead. This article stands as proof that the relevancy of these speculations are still a major factor for the rivals’ upcoming cases.

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp with their marriage counselor

Dr. Laurel Anderson
Dr. Laurel Anderson’s video deposition

In Los Angeles, Dr. Anderson has worked as a couples therapist for many years. She is a clinical psychologist who has spent 40 years counseling individuals and couples in LA. Between October 2015 and June 2016, she had numerous solo and joint meetings with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. During the slander trial, Dr. Anderson did not give live testimony. She gave her testimony in a video deposition.

Her evidence concentrated on several document sets, such as Emails (such as ones about introductions and appointment arrangements), a Ledger of Dr. Anderson’s Appointments, Notes from Dr. Anderson’s Therapy Sessions, and her Treatment Summary. She also shared her thoughts on the couple’s interactions and behavior.

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Johnny Depp fans spark more news on Twitter

Amber Heard
Amber Heard during the court trial

Twitter user @ellisgreg tweeted a picture that allegedly is taken from the notes from the marriage counseling sessions when they were attending it together rather than individually. During the case, some fans even point out that Amber Heard only wanted her individual session notes revealed and not the ones when they attended together.

Johnny Depp fans react to the alleged notes of the marriage counseling session as the hard truth and react accordingly. Due to this, they pour out their lingering doubts that the Twitter users may have had by stating that the Aquaman actress always had red flags, to begin with.

Whether this picture is authentic or not, it does prove as a testament to the dedication and fire that Johnny Depp fans still have in their hearts for his justice. This could be because the actor has now become a prominent symbol resembling justice for male survivors of domestic abuse. The upcoming cases for both parties will undoubtedly set a new series of fan speculations as the actor and actresses’ lives get unraveled.

Source: Twitter

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