How did Thanos’ Blade Beat Captain America’s Shield? Director Explains

Avengers: Endgame‘s home release is here. Fans are beyond excited to watch the adventure in the comfort of their own homes. The debates are sure to rage and moments like Thanos’ big faceoff with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America will be discussed widely. In a final stand against the Mad Titan, the three Avengers draw their line in the sand and are thoroughly rebuffed by the big bad. Captain America finds himself in a bit of a tuff when between him and Thanos is only his trusty shield.

Co- writer talks about Vibranium

Co- writer talks about Vibranium
A still from the sets

During the commentary track for the film, the filmmakers talk about that impressive blade a lot. The co-writer Stephen McFeely points out how strong Thanos’ new toy is and what that means for Vibranium moving forward in the MCU.

“You can also see that while Vibranium is the strongest substance on Earth, whatever Thanos’ straight razor there is made out of is stronger,” He said.

Director Joe Russo’s take

Director Joe Russo’s take
Stars of Avengers

Thanos’ double-bladed weapon proves to be every bit as powerful as the weapons wielded by the Avengers’ Trinity. Black Panther taught us that vibranium is the most potent metal around, but Joe Russo told that there were some severe doubts cast on vibranium’s rank as the “most powerful metal” in the MCU.

Eitri and Nidavellir

“Clearly Thanos is a thousand-year-old character who has fought everyone in the universe and is the greatest: He’s the Genghis Khan of the universe, so he would have the greatest weapon,” Russo said. “He knows of Eitri, he’s been to Eitri to have his glove created. Did he have them create his blade as well? Potentially. But it’s interesting that it could destroy the shield.”

That last mention of Eitri and Nidavellir playing a role in creating Thanos’ weapon is interesting. Joe Russo is also pretty coy when mentioning the intrigue of the weapon destroying Cap’s shield. If anything is certain after Endgame, it is that there are threats bigger than the heroes can imagine

Source: ComicBook, Esquire

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