How Marvel Studio Made ‘Infinity War’ The Perfect Comic Book Movie

It is almost three months since the superhero fest Avengers: Infinity War hit the big screens all over the world and still has fans enthralled at the way the movie ended. Fans have turned to their social media platforms to keep guessing as to what exactly could have happened to their favourite superheroes. Fan theories are doing the rounds, and frankly, we would like to know some of them too. The big bad villain was, of course, Thanos and his ‘snap’ of a finger had the whole world coming down to its feet. It was a watershed moment for all die-hard Marvels and Avengers fans to see their superheroes lose in the grandest way possible.

The director duo of Anthony Russo and Joe Russo handled the idea of multiple heroes and giving them the screen-space to showcase their true heroism too. The outcome of the movie felt like it had hit all the spots that it intended to. Darker, powerful and with a huge shade of vengeance from a powerful villain had the Avengers on their toes with this instalment. Let’s decode some of the reasons that could term Avengers: Infinity War as one of the greatest Comic Book Movie ever.

1. Proved to be the endgame for all heroes

The supervillain Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet sure had all of us at the edge of our seats. As he collected the stones that perfectly fit into his gauntlet and activated the ultimate ‘snap’, what we saw was the ultimate fan meltdown in years. Before the release, fans anticipated the Russo brother’s ability to give such a dark twist for the Avengers franchise. The two and a half hour movie sure had us depressed for the longest period possible.
Not only did some superheroes die but the other characters watching them fade away was double tragic to handle. From Tony Stark’s attempts to save Peter from fading away to the dread in Okeye’s eyes as T’Challa vanished. These deaths are sure to be remembered for the longest period possible, and the director duo has made sure the nailed their attempt at it.

2. Consequences that still matters

The opening sequence of Avengers: Infinity War made no bones of it being a dark movie. Loki suffering at the hands of Thanos was enough for the fans to get an inkling of what lay in store for them. Laced with the trademark Marvel humour that popped in now and then, the film never gave away it’s dark and sinister plot line. The Russo brothers made sure the characters were under imminent threat, and it was a hanging balance for all of them. This includes Gamora’s promise with Quill of him having to kill her if she’s found in Thanos’s hands. Quill’s emotional response to Gamora’s death sure earned brickbats worldwide, but that showed the emotional potential the movie had and didn’t shy away from portraying.

3. Thanos – Hero of his own story

‘Everyone is necessarily the hero of his/her own story’.

Thanos’s genocidal quest to making sure the rest of the planet gets what he thinks, they would deserve is considered the greatest plotlines for a comic book movie ever. The destruction that came along with his choices were justified as per him, and he never shied away from chest-thumping his way into it. This includes him telling Doctor Strange that, “With all six stones I can simply snap my fingers and it’ll all cease to exist. I call that, mercy.”

The devastating fashion he possessed on every single step he made and of how proud he was of it, had the fans engaged. His idea was to kill when there is simply no other go. The biggest victim of it would be his ‘favourite daughter’ Gamora. He ran out of choice and had to push her down the cliff.

4. The Path That Leads To Thanos

The most significant query that arose from the movie was the menacing purple man who came up during the mid-credits scene. Ardent comic book fans connected this man with the ‘Court of Death’.
The comic books had portrayed the idea of Thanos quench for global destruction and that in turn, making him the master of death. This begins with him trying to woo death with the destruction of his home planet, Titan and massacring millions of people along with it. With his attempt to wooing death having failed, the next move was to make an Infinity Gauntlet by collecting all the gems needed for it. This leads him to the ‘snap’ of his fingers and thus, destroying half of the galaxy.

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