How Much Money Will Ryan Reynolds Add to His $150M Fortune After Mint Mobile Being Sold at Whopping $1.35B to T-Mobile?

Along with being a fine actor, Ryan Reynolds is also an exemplary businessman. The man is a jack of all trades and master of it too since T mobile bought his pocket-friendly prepaid wireless company Mint mobile for a whopping $1.35B. The actor already had quite a massive fortune, from the Deadpool saga and countless other movies. Turns out he always has been business minded, although his movies brought in good numbers he had many other ways to bring home the bag. One such is his wireless mobile company, Mint Mobile.

The success of this particular deal means Reynolds will add a massive chunk to his fortune. So here’s everything to know about the transaction.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

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How much will Ryan Reynolds earn from this deal?

According to celebrity net worth, Ryan Reynolds is about $150M rich. Since he had a 25% stake in his party-owned mobile company Mint Mobile, he will now receive more than $300 million in cash and in the form of stocks. Shooting his estimated net worth to a massive $450M post-transaction.

The star is also the official face of the company and will continue to advertise it, through his own advertising agency. Therefore, also making generous profits from those sects along the way. T mobile has decided not to tamper with the brand and leave it as it is, as it will presumably bring in massive profit for the company. He will also be involved as the creative head of the company. In a Twitter video, Ryan Reynolds jokingly stated,

 “T-Mobile has assured me that our incredibly improvised and borderline reckless messaging strategy will also remain untouched,”

Ryan Reynolds for Mint Mobile
Ryan Reynolds for Mint Mobile

He also twisted out his feelings on Twitter.

T mobile’s comment on the situation was,

“Over the long term, we’ll also benefit from applying the marketing formula Mint has become famous for across more parts of T-Mobile,”

The deal is set to close later this year. The supporters of the actor and the business enthusiasts all are now congratulating the Deadpool actor.

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Ryan Reynolds’ other business ventures

The star never leaves a good investment opportunity. Reynolds has a production company called Maximum Effort, which was bought by MNTN, where now he is a chief creative officer. He is also the co-owner of Aviation American Gin and has an undisclosed amount of stock of the company to his name. The actor then went on to be the co-owner of  Wrexham AFC. Soon after that, he became an investor in Wealthsimple, a Canadian start-up. He is a part of such many other countless companies, which one can hardly fathom.

Ryan Reynolds the business mogul
Ryan Reynolds the business mogul

It is very difficult to catch up with the money mogul given, he is always up to something. Consequently, it is no secret that when it comes to business Ryan Reynolds knows what he is doing. The man is a non-stop money-making machine and he does not intend to stop soon.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

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