How Strong Is Moon Knight Compared To Captain America?

Moon Knight‘s third episode reveals a lot about his strength with Marc Spector being the one in charge. It introduces new powers, enemies, and a completely new array of MCU deities — and, if that wasn’t enough, it ends with a hint that there’s much more to come in the upcoming episodes. Undoubtedly, this version of Moon Knight is quite different from the one portrayed in the comics. But the strength he possesses is beyond measures.

The Moon Knight - How Strong Is Moon Knight Compared To Captain America?
The Moon Knight

With the mention of Moon Knight’s strengths and weaknesses, it is impossible to not discuss how strong Moon Knight is to takedown our favorite Avenger – Steve Rogers aka Captain America. It is possible that they might end up in a fight due to the strength they both are granted. Super Soldier Serum might be credited for the same.

Moon Knight’s Powers

Spector’s moment of strength completely depends upon the will of Khonshu in the comics. Moon Knight is the most powerful during the full moon, however, this might not be considered one of the power traits. Whilst one cannot let past the strength he possesses in the comics that many times he resembles Cap. Knight’s ability to crush and tear off a car bumper, helps us relate the two in no time.

Captain America - How Strong Is Moon Knight Compared To Captain America?
Captain America

Moon Knight’s superpowers have always been a bit hazy in the comics. In the recent Age of Khonshu storyline, when Khonshu wanted Marc to face the Avengers, he granted Moon Knight greater abilities to help him do it. Marc, however, is often just a vigilante with ordinary strength derived from his training as a fighter and experience as a mercenary. As a result, Captain America is frequently the stronger hero on the page. Marc Spectator and Steven Grant’s powers, on the other hand, hint that they have consistent levels of super-strength and more supernatural power in their control, such as pulling their suits out of thin air.

Steven Grant - How Strong Is Moon Knight Compared To Captain America?
Steven Grant

At the time, it appears that Mr. Knight’s MCU strength is on par with that of Steve Rogers’ Captain America. When it comes to physical strength, Captain America would most certainly defeat Moon Knight in a one-on-one battle. Moon Knight, on the other hand, is more powerful in almost every other manner. Although both are extremely tough, Moon Knight is a far superior martial artist than Steve Rogers. In addition, while Captain America is a good strategist, Marc Spector’s CIA experience means he is far smarter than the Super Soldier. Khonshu may bestow Steven and Marc with even greater levels of strength in the upcoming episodes. This combo might prove to be a tough one to choose the most powerful from.

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