How The Final Season Of Arrow Sets Up Canaries Spinoff

Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in the Arrowverse 

Arrow might be coming to an end, leaving fans disheartened as it runs on its final season which premiered on 15th October. However, with rumors that an Arrow spinoff may be closer than expected, viewers don’t have to lose all hope yet. 

Details About Arrow Spin-off 

The spinoff will focus on Mia Smoak, Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake. The spinoff has been given the title of Green Arrow and the Canaries, however, the official confirmation is yet to be given. The spinoff will essentially be paved through one of the episodes of the finale season – which episode, however, remains a mystery. 

Beth Schwartz On Plans On Canaries Spin-off 

Beth Schwartz is the Arrow series showrunner 
Beth Schwartz is the Arrow series showrunner 

Showrunner Beth Schwartz in a recent interview revealed interesting new tidbits about the spinoff. “We always knew what that story was going to be, and the pilot is its own kind of different beast,” she explained, revealing that the spinoff doesn’t have any impact on the finale season and is merely a backdoor. 

The season 8 premiere of Arrow introduced the ‘Future Team Arrow’ as they tackled the threat of John Diggle Jr. The latter is the leader of the Deathstroke gang, a prominent criminal organization in Star City. 

Marc Guggenheim, the consulting producer of the show also added, “There’s also the feeling that these kids are just kids and they’re flying without a net. Future-Rene, Future-Dinah, and Future-Felicity are all gone, per the end of season 7, so they’re left to figure things out on their own.”

First Episode Of the Series’ Final Season

Katie Cassidy plays Laurel Lance in Arrow
Katie Cassidy plays Laurel Lance in Arrow

Majority of the episode took place in Earth – 2 where Laurel operated as Starling City’s hero. It didn’t last long, unfortunately, due to the anti-matter destroying Earth – 2 to a point of no recovery. Essentially, this paves the way for Laurel appearing in the Canaries spinoff, which Guggenheim says, “there’s always a chance” it could happen. 

Watch the trailer for Arrow Season 8 here: 

Source: Comicbook, CBR

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