How The Grinch Said: Goodbye, 2020!

Now that 2021 is finally here and we have said goodbye to the absolute disaster that was 2020, let’s kick it off by saying goodbye to 2020 in a very Grinch way! After all, nothing exemplifies 2020 better than the Grinch. We can totally relate!


How The Grinch Stole Christmas? Nah! This time, the Grinch is here to sum up how 2020 was for most of us – isolated, hating everyone and everything and keeping our distance from the rest of the world.

  1. When it was the beginning of the quarantine, and you were trying to enjoy the impromptu “staycation”!

We all were initially quite excited about this quarantine, trying to look for positives.

  1. When you tried to find new activities to do in you “spare time” during the quarantine.

From trying to make Dalgona coffee to becoming full time TikTok-ers, we have done it all this year.

  1. When you forgot to stock up on supplies before the lockdown began!

Remember when everyone was trying to horde toilet paper like the zombie apocalypse was upon us?

  1. When you finally figured out that food is your only friend in these trying times.

All of us tried to follow a diet plan, do exercise and yoga and then binged on ice cream and cookies, right? Right?

  1. When you made all those plans for yourself – you can’t just keep cancelling them!


Monday – wake up at 6 and exercise. Wednesday – Maybe 8. 8 sounds good, right? Saturday – just wake up before noon!

  1. When you realize you’ve been inside your house for way too long! It’s getting too Grinch for me!

Months and months and months of the same four walls around us! Let me out! Let me out! We’ve all thought of this at one point this year.

  1. When you remember you can’t just sit at home and have to go grocery shopping!

Food and sustenance, and things to keep us going! So lets go out of the house and look at some faces!

  1. When you finally get to catch up with friends and family through video calls and zooms.

The only good thing about this quarantine period was getting to spend time with the loved ones – even if it was virtually!

  1. When you go somewhere, and then remember you forgot to wear a mask!

And the panic sets in! And then the paranoia! And we’re all going to die! So let’s just go back home.

  1. When you decide it’s time to forfeit all plans for the year. 2020, you sucked!

We won’t be able to fulfil any of them, so why even try! Right?

  1. When you realize quarantine might continue till summer of 2021!

Was 2020 not enough? Did you have to taint 2021 as well?

  1. When you finally get to the holiday spirit in this Grinch year.

The Grinch might not have stolen Christmas, but the holiday season this year left us all wanting for a little more.

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