How the SHAZAM Logo Was Designed!

Earlier this week, Warner Bros revealed the logo for its upcoming flick, Shazam. We have had a look of the star cast on the sets of the movie but however, didn’t have any idea about the logo until Monday.

We all were quite impressed by the logo and were praising the mastermind behind it. But now it seems that the director, David F Sandberg had an interesting theory behind it.

He tweeted,

David F Sandberg

“Months ago I made a logo myself in Blender to use for presentations and stuff. They wound up basing the official logo on that. I guess my presentation made quite an impression ? I had no idea my twitter banner would end up a spoiler. ”

To put the tweet in short, he was just scribbling and he had this awesome idea for the logo. The official designer just brightened up the color and Shazam! You got yourself a logo.

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