How Weak Is Naruto After Kurama’s Death?

The day has finally come folks. Masashi Kishimoto has created his Frankenstein’s Monster. In the pursuit of making a sequel anime just as good as his magnum opus, the impossible legacy of Naruto stands tarnished. Many characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden have been already changed for Boruto. The biggest change came just a while ago when Naruto and Kurama had to bid farewell. the mighty Nine-Tailed Fox is no more. Naruto drew most of his power from the greatest tailed beats of all time. Without Kurama, Naruto is no longer the juggernaut he once used to be. Or is he? Let’s find out where Hokage Naruto stands now in the power ratings now that Kurama is dead.

Before we begin, let us just tell you this will be a highly qualitative analysis. We are not about to get to equations and formulae. So if you were expecting mathematics, maybe this article is not for you. We will calculate Naruto’s strength with respect to the other heavy hitters based purely on the skills and abilities he has at hand.

Has Naruto Gotten “Rusty”?

It was the year 2015. Naruto Gaiden had just been released. There was a particular line in the Gaiden where Kurama says that Naruto had gotten rusty. And every Naruto fan was clenching their teeth after that statement. They started believing that Naruto had become weaker. Now this was before we even got a Boruto movie, manga or anime. Let us just tell you that the line was taken out of context. Kurama never said Naruto had gotten weaker. Hokage Naruto was the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village at a time of unprecedented peace. There was no real combat. Naruto had no enbemies to fight. A blade that is not used, rusts. Naruto was never ‘weaker’. He just never got the chance to polish his blade.

Now that we have cleared that up, it is time to move on to address the elephant in the room.

After Naruto entered his Baryon transformation, Kurama’s chakra was consumed entirely. As a result of such enomrous consumption of his Chakra, Kurama could no longer sustain himself and breathed his last inside Naruto. Has Naruto gotten weaker now that he does not have the power of the Nine Tails in him? Nothing could be farther from the truth. Naruto has officially been confirmed in the Manga to be four times as powerful as the greatest Jonin the Hidden leaf Village has ever produced – Kakashi Hatake.

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Naruto’s Individual Prowess Far Surpasses That Of Any Jonin

In Naruto Volume 35 Chapter 3015, when Kakashi is teaching Naruto nature transformation, he says something incredibly significant. he says that these nature transformation drills generally take about 20 years for a Ninja to master. Naruto can do that in a matter of hours using his enormous chakra reserves to create hundreds of shadow clones, bending the learning curve to hours from years. Kakashi also states that in his current state, Naruto’s chakra reserves are four times as much as Kakashi’s. And if Yamato was not using his wood release to suppress Kurama’s chakra from boosting Naruto, Naruto’s bodily chakra reserves would have been a hundred times more than that of Kakashi. And that was when Naruto was with only one half of Kurama.

During his battle with Madara, Obito and then Kaguya Otsutsuki, Naruto got a massive power up off screen. He got the Yin as well as Yang half of Kurama’s chakra sealed inside him. While it was never shown, once you read through the final chapters of Naruto Shippuden, you realize that is the case. So with both the halves of Chakra sealed inside him, Naruto would then have 200 times more chakra than Kakashi Hatake, one of the greatest Ninjas of the era. When Kurama died, Naruto got a massive nerf-down. He got 200 times weaker. But wait!! Is that really how it looks like?

There are too many things to consider here. Sure the Nine Tails Chakra was a huge part of Naruto’s power. He was the engine that kept Naruto’s battle cogs running. But it would be foolish to assume Naruto is nothing without Kurama. Here are some key facts nobody would have ever told you until now.

The Sage Of Six Paths Chakra

During his climactic final battle in Naruto Shippuden, Naruto was paid a visit by the Sage of Six Paths. Hagoromo Otsutsuki was the God of the Ninja World. he was the one who defeated the Ten-Tails and created the Earth using its Chakra. As a God, Hagoromo’s abilities transcend every other ninja’s abilities. And if you recall, Naruto was personally granted the gift of the Sage of Six Paths Senjutsu from Hagoromo himself.

In Shikamaru Shinden released in February 2021, it is revealed that Naruto still has the Sage of Six Paths Chakra inside him. The sage of Six Paths Senjutsu gives boost your body with the purest and a a Godlike version of Chakra that can make you utterly invincible. Imagine if Naruto decided to undergo the Baryon transformation despite knowing he would be sacrificing Kurama, his biggest trump card, if only he had something even more powerful up his sleeve.

Since Kara is a huge threat to Konoha, Naruto would not let of of his ace in the hole that is Kurama if he did not have something as equally or even more powerful to fight them with.

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Toad Sage Mode & Shadow Clones

There is also the regular Sage Techniques Naruto learnt from the Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku during the Pain arc. Right after learning the technique, Naruto used it to incredible effect against one of the mightiest ninjas of all time. We must also bring to your attention that Naruto has one more ace up his sleeve – the Shadow Clone technique. Because of his Uzumaki bloodline and being xposed to Kurama’s chakra for so long, Naruto’s Chakra reserves have gotten massive boost. he can create hundreds of shadow clones without breaking a sweat. With every shadow clone he creates, he can learn and train faster. It has already been confirmed that Naruto never stopped training after the war.

He kept on pushing himself. We theorize Naruto unlocked the secrets of the Baryon transformation while training with his shadow clones. It is a credible guess since we never got to see this mode in his fight against Madara or Kaguya. With his shadow clones doing the leg work for him, God knows what other abilities he might have developed over time. Maybe he has mastered the trinkets of the Tailed Beast Chakra as well as the sage of the Six Paths chakra inside him and combined them with his Toad Sage Mode to create a unique replacement for his Nine Tails Mode.

A New Form Awaits!!!

If there is one thing we know from years of reading and watching Naruto, it is that if Naruto gets a power-up, Sasuke  gets one too. Since Naruto has been nerfed down but Sasuke is still there where he was earlier, things are about to heat up for the former. Kishimoto is planning to give Naruto an all-new ability, one that might theoretically surpass even Naruto’s Baryon Transformation.

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