The new episode of The Flash that was aired on Tuesday has brought some shocking news and revelations. ‘Death of the Speed Force’ was the name of the episode that was currently released. The episode includes scenes that highlight the fact that Wally West has new improved powers when he entered Central City. A piece of sad news was also revealed by Kid Flash.

Let me give you the power!!

The Speed Force and Barry
A glimpse of the Speed Force.

Kid Flash doubts that there is something fishy that is going on with Speed Force. Barry Allen is already aware of this incident. The Speed Force went corrupted a power-up had been received by Barry Allen. This clearly shows that Barry Allen is all set to go powerless soon. However, whether that work in his favor or not, only time will tell. 

The handsome hunk

Barry Allen
In a still from The Flash.

Fans would be eager to see whether it was the Speed Force, the actual strength of The Flash, or it was something else. A lot can be said about the benefits of Speed Force. Speed Force was basically that energy that gave Barry many supernatural powers. It has worked out for Barry in favor of him. Speed Force can be compared to being his mother, who helps in all his difficulties. In the earlier series of The Flash, there are other powers also that are included. 

Will the Speed Force leave?

How can I survive without the Speed Force
Barry Allen and his wicked eyes.

However, the other forces were never seen to be used in The Flash. The death of this power would give rise to the other powers. Since Barry requires the Speed Powers. Though he might stay without it, for the time being, it was the whole essence of his character. 

Speed Force for Barry is like water for human beings. You might survive for a while, however, you will require it for your long-term existence. Have a look at the following video depicting Barry’s potential crisis,




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