Deadpool was easily Fox’s most beloved X-MEN character, his 2016 film was a box office smash and for an R rated film that was a great accomplishment. Last year he received a sequel, with a bigger budget and bigger box office numbers he seems invincible, When the Disney and Fox deal finally came to a close fans were worried that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige would recast Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for a new start, Thankfully Marvel confirmed every X-MEN character except Deadpool would be recast, its sad for the others but I’m fine with it. Spider-Man Far From Home gave us a crazy but realistic theory on how Captain Deadpool himself will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Mysterio is playing the big bad of the film while his acting as a good guy, he claimed the snap in Avengers: Endgame created the Multiverse which Mysterio came from to land on earth, this story-line is extremely similar to Spider-Man Into The Spider Verse, This means there are multiple earths with different characters such as a new Fantastic Four and X-MEN. The Fantastic Four doesn’t have anything to do with Spider-Man or Deadpool, Although rumors are now speculating the superhero team will take place in the 1960s we will discuss that later, and how it will all fit together.

The confusing thing about Deadpool in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that the X-MEN will be completely rebooted. Although Deadpool would just joke about this situation, Kevin Feige may want a solid solution to explain everything, Hopefully his reading this as I came up with one, given the fact that there is a multiverse means theirs multiple earths, for example there might be a universe where Thanos is the hero and the Avengers are the villains. This means a completely different X-MEN team with different story-lines could be pulled out of their dimension while Deadpool was also pulled out of his, this isn’t the only theory we have. Deadpool could have multiple Doppelgangers of himself, with similar story-lines than Fox’s Deadpool, this means the Marvel Cinematic Universe has an opportunity to use old X-MEN stories that didn’t work with Fox and re-do them. For the Fantastic Four we don’t recommend Marvel to base it in the 1960s. There are currently Four Fantastic Four movies, with the first one being forgettable, then we got two movies staring Captain America himself Chris Evans as Human Torch, Thankfully he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Human Torch actor Michael B. Jordan who was chosen in the reboot also joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For example if they focus on the Fantastic Four in their own separate universe it will
be worth it, given the fact that it may be in the 1960s means they don’t have technology so if Kevin Feige is clever he should to a non Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and for the after credits pull them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the sequel they will be in an advanced different world. Please note these are only theories and not official

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