The only astronomical entity known to harbor life, Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only planet that has an atmosphere  containing oxygen and is the only planet that has Life Source, with oceans of water on its surface along with Land. Being the fifth substantial planet of our solar system. Earth is a beautiful place because of us Humans who live and survive in this Planet. But what would happen if All the Homo sapiens around the globe went missing. Here is how our Mother Earth would look like is all it’s Earthling’s went missing.


1 A Jeep with an in grown tree :


2 Empty Rail Road :


3 Vacant Wrecking yard :


4 Ingrown leaves in empty Lock :


5 abandoned Building :


6 Deserted Jungle with Vacant Cars :


7 Empty Ferris Wheel :


8 An Empty House in An Abandoned Jungle :


9 Desolate Buses :


10 Empty Garage :


11 Void Train :


12 A House an in grown tree :


13  An Empty Old Water Mill :


14 Deserted Tunnel :

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