How X-Men Star Sir Ian McKellen Inspired FRIENDS Actor David Schwimmer To Build $120M Acting Career

Everyone has that one person who encourages and inspires them to do their best in life. FRIENDS star David Schwimmer also has that one person who inspired him to pursue acting. Schwimmer began his career in 1989 with a supporting role. After featuring in several dramas and sitcoms, he landed his breakthrough role in NBC’s FRIENDS. And while promoting his 2016 crime drama, Feed the Beast, the 56-year-old actor shared how Ian McKellen inspired him to become an actor.

David Schwimmer
David Schwimmer

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Ian McKellen Inspired David Schwimmer to Become an Actor

David Schwimmer started studying drama in High School and even began participating in local drama contests as his interest grew in acting and drama. He started pursuing acting and other performing arts after seeing a one-man show by Ian McKellen. During the promotion of his 2016 series Feed the Beast, he shared,

“Somewhere in high school, I went to see a one-man show of Ian McKellen. At that time, he did this one-man show called Acting Shakespeare.”

David Schwimmer and Ian McKellen
David Schwimmer and Ian McKellen

The Apt Pupil star shared that when McKellen did his show at UCLA, his parents took him to see the show, where a single actor performed 12 different characters from Shakespeare’s play without any “props, or makeup, or changes of clothing.” He described the show as a “magic trick” where The Lord of the Rings star suddenly became “300-pound Falstaff.” After watching McKellen do everything so swiftly and elegantly on stage, Schwimmer knew that he had to give it a shot.

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David Schwimmer Almost Missed Out on FRIENDS

David Schwimmer was excited to start his acting career after he finished his studies in 1988. And as he made his way toward LA, the Intelligence star was able to star in shows and several films. However, he was soon overwhelmed by the competition and the experience he had while working on his initial projects. Schwimmer opened up about he almost lost the role of Ross Geller due to the really bad experience he had while working on some of the shows.

Friends reunion
Friends reunion

The All the Rage actor talked about it on Friends: The Reunion. He shared that he specifically asked his agent not to bring in any new job and started working on a play with his company in Chicago. However, his agent continued insisting and convinced him to audition for FRIENDS.

He was cast in the series and later received nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the 1995 Primetime Emmy Awards for his performance as Ross Geller. He was also awarded the Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series at the 1996 Screen Actors Guild Award for his work in the sitcom.

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