Howard Stern Just Leaked MCU’s Doctor Doom Plans

The MCU is ever-expanding its team of heroes and some formidable villains in its ongoing Phase 4, and one of the most anticipated characters to make his debut is Doctor Doom.

The character had served as the prime foe to the Fantastic Family, but the villain’s role grew beyond and he was further pushed to the forefront in many rememberable iconic stories, like Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment and Secret Wars and Doctor Strange.

Doctor Doom Is Rumored To Appear In Black Panther: Wakanda

Black Panther
Black Panther: Wakanda

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Doctor Doom is now rumored to make an appearance in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, having a “small” role in the movie’s sequel. Back in 2019, the creator of Legion, Noah Hawley, also shared that he had been working on a project that centers around the villain, defining it as “a kind of Cold War, geopolitical movie” that happens in Latveria.

It is still unclear how Doctor Doom factors into the MCU, however, an accidental slip-up from an actor might have given fans the news of a solo Doctor Doom project.

Howard Stern Leaked Marvel’s Doctor Doom?

Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

On Twitter, user @WashedUpTweeter uncovered some evidence that Howard Stern could be involved with a Doctor Doom project.

Here’s a tweet:

During a commercial break on The Howard Stern Show, the crew mics around Stern and his crew were left on, which led to an interesting conversation around Doctor Doom.

Here is the whole conversation of Howard Stern

Radio Host Howard Stern
Howard Stern

In the same conversation that many think of it as a prank, Stern discussed about upcoming guests coming to his show this Fall, which led to producer Gary Dell’Abate informing the ex-America’s Got Talent judge that he’s will not talk to him much “in the Summer:”

Stern: “That would just be better for me.”
Will Murray: “Can I be heard right now?” 
Monkey: “Yeah”
Murray: “My Zoom craps out at the end of every show.”
Robin Quivers: “Really? Cause I was like, ‘Why’s Will in the dark?” 
Stern: “Alright, let’s do this.” 
Monkey: “So I just wanna run a couple of names by you for guests who are gonna be around in the Fall. I’m not gonna talk to you so much in the Summer.”
Stern: “What I’m saying is let’s do it… I’m burned out. That would just be better for me.”

Dell’Abate went on to reveal that Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige also wanted to know if Stern is available. Howard has responded by stating that it works, however, admitting that “they’re going over the schedule” with him.

When asked by co-host Robin Quivers if he will be working this summer, he seemed to have confirmed that he’d be filming an MCU project involving Doctor Doom:

Monkey: “Ok, Kevin Feigeman (sp) from the office called and wants to know if that schedule works for you.”
Robin: “Kevin Feigeman, I’ve never heard that name before.”
Murray: “I think he means Kevin…” 
Stern: “Kevin Feige, Gary. Tell him it works but they’re going over the schedule with me and it’s gonna suck.”
Robin to Stern: “Are you working this summer?” 
Stern: “Well, I’m gonna do ‘Doctor Doom.’ But believe me, I’m fucking miserable about it.”

When asked about his excitement, Stern revealed (or probably joked) that he had already called Robert Downey Jr for acting tips and techniques:

Howard Stern
Howard Stern

Stern: “Cause I’m an asshole. That’s what I did on America’s Got Talent.”
Robin: “Are you excited about it?”
Stern: “Yeah, I called Robert Downey…I was asking him acting technique.”
Robin: “Really?” 
Stern: “Gary, do you have the number for Jon Favreau?” 
Monkey: “I do. I have his cell phone.”

The conversation with Stern was transcribed by Twitter user @bringbackjackie.

While this might turn out to be a prank from Stern, it’s still possible that he could appear as himself to interview Doctor Doom about his story and life, inspired by “Books of Doom.”


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